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New CB10 AS-Interface Module Combines Proven Features with Safety Function


Two new versions enable the integration of 3-wire sensors and emergency stop buttons according to SIL 3/PL e

CB10 AS-Interface module
CB10 module in conveyor technology.

AS-Interface has long proven itself as a user-friendly and cost-effective wiring technology for the industrial sector. To increase the variety of available components and expand the range of possible applications, Pepperl+Fuchs has developed two new CB10 series modules: One for connecting 3-wire sensors with their own power supply to an AS-Interface network, and another module with SIL 3/PL e certification for integrating emergency stop buttons into control boxes. The new versions offer users even more flexibility for ASi-integrated solutions and open up completely new application fields, such as in mechanical engineering and conveyor technology.

Simple Integration into AS-Interface Networks

With the expansion of the CB10 module portfolio, it is now possible to integrate up to four illuminated control elements into pushbutton boxes. These can be directly integrated into and controlled by an ASi network. By doing so, control boxes can also be directly connected to an ASi network via an M12 connection using a passive distributor. CB10 series modules offer a direct connection via pre-assembled wires. Different core colors and crimped cable ends make it easy to assign functions and enable quick and fail-safe installation. The wiring has also been optimized so that only two cores are required for the ASi connection—a common PLUS line for +24 V and four input/output signal lines each. Depending on the version, between eight and twelve leads are sufficient for the connection. This way, operating buttons with terminals can be connected directly.

Space-Saving and Rugged Solution

The module's compact size allows for easy integration.
The module's compact size allows for easy integration.

As the successor of the CB1 series, the modules of the CB10 series are significantly slimmer and can be integrated more easily into control boxes. With a compact size of 35 mm x 39.5 mm and a height of less than 10 mm, the modules can be easily installed in small housings and control boxes or mounted behind panels without additional planning. Sensitive electronic components have been fully overmolded using hotmelt technology, making injection-molded housings unnecessary. This process enables customization—such as additional drill holes—and makes the electronic components especially resistant to external influences such as mechanical vibration and impact.

Module for 3-wire Sensors with Dedicated Power Supply

Until now, only mechanical contacts without power supply could be integrated into an ASi network. To connect 3-wire sensors with their own power supply to ASi networks, the new module has an additional wire. This way, even simple digital switching sensors can be quickly connected to an ASi network.

Safety Module for Emergency Stop Buttons

Two new CB10 versions have been specially designed for emergency stop buttons with corresponding safety requirements that are certified according to SIL 3 functional safety and performance level PL e. To ensure redundancy as a safety criterion, these are monitored with two instead of just one input signal. The modules have one or two standard outputs, which can also be used to implement illuminated emergency stop buttons.

Highlights of the New CB10 Modules

  • Extended portfolio for the integration of 3-wire sensors with own power supply and emergency stop buttons according to SIL 3/PL e 

  • Space-saving design due to hotmelt technology for installation in small housings, control boxes, and operating panels

  • Quick and easy wiring using pre-assembled crimped wires and different wire colors


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