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Hazardex Awards 2020—Pepperl+Fuchs Brand ecom Receives Several Awards


Smart-Ex® 02 and Tab-Ex® 02 were chosen as winners in the PPTex Innovation category

Hazardex Award 2020
Adam Garner, Commercial Director of the CSA Group (middle) pictured with Karen Jarrett and Max Begley from Pepperl+Fuchs.

The Hazardex Awards are presented annually to companies worldwide to honor outstanding achievements in the field of explosion protection. In the category Personal Protection Technologies for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres, PPTex Innovation for short, the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom beat the competition and won several prizes. Smart-Ex® 02, the world’s first smartphone certified for Zone 1/21, the Tab-Ex® 02 industrial tablet series, and the CUBE 800 dual camera system were awarded at the competition sponsored by the CSA Group.

Award for Outstanding Achievements in Explosion Protection

Every year, Hazardex trade magazine readers and Hazardex website users nominate and elect products, services, and systems for hazardous areas. ecom was able to convince in the field of intrinsically safe and explosion-proof mobile devices. The mobile computing and communication solutions are specially designed for use in harsh (industrial) environments and offer employees the highest safety standards and convenience. Both the Smart-Ex® 02 smartphone and the Tab-Ex® 02 were chosen as the best innovations in the field of technical equipment for employee protection in hazardous industrial applications.

Smartphone and Tablet for Hazardous Areas

Last year, ecom presented the brand's latest smartphone model—Smart-Ex® 02. The intrinsically safe Android smartphone is designed for an extended temperature range of -20 °C to +60 °C. As it supports 21 LTE frequency bands, it is capable of global use in extreme conditions. Global certifications for Zone 1/21 and Div. 1 make it the most advanced intrinsically safe smartphone on the market.

Tab-Ex® 02 provides companies with more transparency due to future-proof digitalized applications—including access to augmented reality applications. The rugged industrial tablet is available for harsh environments and Zone 2/22, Div. 2 and Zone 1/21, Div. 1 hazardous areas.

Delegates’ Award for CUBE 800 Dual Camera System

The CUBE 800 dual camera system combines HD optics and thermal imaging technology in one device.

The CUBE 800, which is designed for use with mobile devices, was also awarded. It is the first portable and intrinsically safe infrared and HD video camera for Zone 1/21 and Div. 1 that has been approved in cooperation with Librestream. For developing the thermal imaging camera, Librestream received the Delegates’ Award—a prize voted on by all visitors to the Hazardex 2020 conference and exhibition. When the camera is connected with an intrinsically safe smartphone or tablet, mobile workers can control it remotely, display HD videos and thermal images, and share them live with experts across the globe. Critical areas of the plant can be identified more quickly so that appropriate measures can be initiated immediately.

At a Glance

  • Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom wins Hazardex Award 2020
  • Smart Ex® 02 and Tab-Ex® 02 awarded the best PPTex Innovation
  • CUBE 800 infrared and HD video camera receives Delegates’ Award


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