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Large Enclosure Purge and Pressurization


Fast purging with low enclosure pressure with the 6100 series.

Fast purging with low enclosure pressure with the 6100 series.

The Application

Customers that want to use large enclosures using purging either didn’t have the option or had an extended wait period for purging.  Customers were forced to segment the enclosure into smaller enclosures increasing the size of the system and having to interconnect the enclosure together using Ex methods.  This customer needs a system that is not only certified for large enclosures, but can also purge the enclosure faster and keep enclosure pressure low.


The Goal

Large enclosures with high pressure is not something the customer wants; so the lower the purging pressure, the better the solution. 

Until now, our maximum flow rate for purging was around 30 cubic feet (cu. ft.) /min (~840 L/min).  With the release of the 6100 purge and pressurization system, we can handle up to 500 cu. ft. /min (~14000 L/min).  Phase I of the 6100 product series allows for fast purging while simultaneously keeping enclosure pressure low. 

Spinning motors can create large pressure gradients within the motor, which cause negative pressures unless the purging and operating pressures are high.  Phase II of the 6100 product series has higher adjustable enclosure pressure to solve this issue.

Our customers require fast purging with low enclosure pressure during purging, different flow rate ranges for different size enclosures, and automatic purging and pressurization.


The Solution

The 6100 purging and pressurization system is designed, specifically, for use with large motors or enclosures in Zone 1 hazardous areas. The 6100 series can purge an enclosure over 450 cu. ft. (~12.2 cubic meters), making it the largest purging system available from Pepperl+Fuchs. The 6100 series system is perfect for applications in the chemical/petrochemical and oil and gas industries.

6100 Phase I allows for the enclosure pressure to remain low during purging.  Many of our competitors have large systems that are only dedicated to motors, which keep enclosure pressure high due to the dynamics of the motor. 

6100, like our other units, automatically purges and then pressurizes the enclosure for operation relieving the operating personnel from initiating this action.

Because the enclosure is large, the possibility of higher temperature increases within the enclosure during operation.  The 6100 series offers temperature monitoring and automatic cooling.

The Benefits

There are limited options for customers with large enclosures.  The 6100 series is the only solution that includes purging and pressurization.  It is hard to use other methods of protection for hazardous area locations of the large enclosure.  Purging and pressurization are likely the most effective, low-cost, simple, and easy to install and operate.


At a Glance

  • Fast purging with low enclosure pressure.
  • Different flow rate ranges for different size enclosures.
  • Automatic purging and pressurization.
  • Temperature monitoring and automatic cooling.


Technical Features

  • Certified for ATEX and IECEx Zone 1.
  • Intrinsically safe user interface for system programming and monitoring.
  • Automatic pressure compensation for excess leakage of pressure from the motor.
  • Uses the 6000 series purge and pressurization system for control and monitoring.
  • A separate and intrinsically safe low-pressure sensor that can be mounted anywhere in the enclosure for measuring a pressure at the lowest pressure point in the enclosure.


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