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Did You Find Out? Get the Answer to the Riddle of E-News Issue No. 2, March 2023


Bread for Everyone

How many loaves were in the basket in the morning?

In a small village there has been a great famine since a natural disaster. In order to help the people in need a little, a helpful woman places a large basket of bread in front of her door every day. The residents in need are allowed to help themselves from this basket. So that everyone has the chance to get fresh bread, each person may take a maximum of one third. On this day, two children and one man each took a third of the bread from the basket. In the evening, there were still eight loaves in the basket.

How many loaves were in the basket when the woman put it out in the morning?


In the morning, there were 27 loaves in the basket. Since 2/3 were still in the basket after each removal, the remainder must be multiplied by 3/2.

This way we arrive at the following calculation: 8 * 3/2 * 3/2 * 3/2 = 27


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