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Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1

Fieldbus Made Easy – Features of FDH-1

Easy and Intuitive Handling

Easy and Intuitive Handling

The FDH-1 fieldbus diagnostic handheld incorporates a display which guides you through each task. Several language options are available. The menu is easy to understand and simplifies the handling of the diagnostic handheld.
Embedded Expert System

Embedded Expert System

The embedded expert system displays easy-to-understand instructions for causes and correction of faults. The FDH-1 enables reliable fieldbus diagnostics without any training.
Quality Assurance at the Touch of a Button

Quality Assurance at the Touch of a Button

Via "single-click operation", the FHD-1 quickly checks a segment before commissioning. It enables fault-free operation from the start, and increases the availability of your process plant.
Handheld Convenience

Handheld Convenience

As a portable device, the FDH-1 works independently of a stationary PC. It conveniently connects to the fieldbus infrastructure anywhere at any time. The FDH-1 offers you maximum flexibility.

Use Cases of FDH-1

Failure margin check
During commissioning or a scheduled outage, the FDH-1 is the first of its kind to check the resistance of fieldbus communication against electromagnetic interference. With the Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld, you determine the failure margin of installed field devices individually, or all at once, on a working segment in just a few steps. During this test, the FDH-1 adds distortions to the communication signals and determines the maximum values for reliable communication. The accompanying report is created automatically. A good failure margin is the hallmark of reliable communication.
Device coupler short circuit test
After a long fieldbus system service life, it is essential to validate short-circuit protection operations of the device coupler. With the Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1, you can easily initiate a test that increases the load current and determines whether the device coupler goes into a short-circuit condition. The peak current value is identified and can be compared with the manufacturer’s specification.
Suitability check for existing cable
A plant upgrade is planned using modern fieldbus technology. This leads to the question: are the existing cables suitable for use with fieldbus? With the Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1, you can conveniently answer this question before devices are connected. The handheld checks cable continuity, signal level, and signal quality.
Integrated fieldbus oscilloscope for signal analysis
The built-in oscilloscope of the Fieldbus Diagnostic Handheld FDH-1 is a powerful tool to analyze the data signal for a specific telegram type or a communication error. Different operating functions permit you to select various trigger signals to easily detect these events. The signal trace is shown on the display.

White Paper Explains Efficient Commissioning with Fieldbus

Today’s fieldbus installations in process automation, FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA, can be greatly improved with a fully automated fieldbus test methodology. The work procedure described in the white paper achieves better installation quality and eliminates the time crunch during commissioning. See a preview of the technical white paper "Fieldbus Testing with Online Physical Layer Diagnostics".

Quick Check Simply Explained

How do I check the fieldbus installation using the FDH-1 quick check mode?
In this How To video, Product Marketing Manager Andreas Hennecke answers the question step by step.
You’ll be surprised by the handheld’s easy handling! …

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