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Camera-Based Track Guidance (PGV)

Colored tape for lane tracking, Data Matrix codes for positioning, and control codes for navigation: Position Guided Vision (PGV) is the first and only Data Matrix positioning system that combines these technologies in one device. It is the ideal solution for driverless transport systems. The PGV read head consists of a camera system with a built-in illumination unit and reliably navigates via colored route-tracking tape/paint—even on highly reflective surfaces or around sharp curves.

With a large reading window and 2-D image recording, the PGV positioning system also detects damaged or dirty tape. In combination with Data Matrix codes, this creates possibilities for optical guidance of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs). These include specific turning operations along the route with the aid of Data Matrix control codes, exact positioning of AGVs with Data Matrix code tape, or navigation via tag mode in which Data Matrix tags are stuck to the ground in a fixed grid.

Unparalleled Safety: Safe Version safePGV

For the first time, the safePGV enables safe absolute positioning according to SIL 3/PL e with a single sensor. This new safety version is based on a combination of a 2-D read head and multicolor Data Matrix code tape. The integrated firmware checks the plausibility of the X position values using red and blue LEDs and then relays them to the safety PLC. The data can then be processed in the PLC without additional plausibility checks because of reliable, self-monitoring sensor technology. The system helps maintain a minimum distance between AGVs and ensures personnel safety.


Positioning Systems

In addition to camera-based positioning systems, Pepperl+Fuchs provides you with optical and inductive positioning systems. Learn more about these technologies and the possibilities they offer.