VisuNet Control Center

Managing Software for VisuNet Thin Clients

Centralized Management of VisuNet Remote Monitors and Box Thin Clients

More Efficiency

Increased Efficiency

The VisuNet Control Center allows users to efficiently manage thin clients from a central point without having to enter hazardous areas or clean rooms. 
Simplified Maintenance

Simplified Maintenance

With Control Center, administrators can maintain Pepperl+Fuchs thin clients remotely, install firmware updates, and use remote commands such as restart or shutdown.
Remote Support

Remote Support

In case of failures, administrators can easily connect via session shadowing to provide remote support.
Aligned to Firmware

Optimized for Firmware

VisuNet Control Center works with VisuNet RM Shell and is optimized for the Pepperl+Fuchs firmware.
Topology VisuNet Control Center

Additional Software for VisuNet RM Shell

VisuNet Control Center is an add-on tool for users of VisuNet RM Shell. It allows administrators to efficiently manage all HMI systems with VisuNet RM Shell from a central location. There is no need to enter hazardous areas or clean rooms to set up and maintain a remote monitor or box thin client, saving time and money.

Users of the VisuNet Control Center can connect to any remote monitor with RM Shell 4 or 5, monitor the device status and screen content, and even take over control remotely. If an operator needs support, the session shadowing function allows administrators to connect to affected remote monitors and provide support from their own workstations. This central administration point simplifies support, saves resources, and increases thin client availability.

Deployment Efficiency

In the past, administrators had to manage and maintain remote monitors locally. But with the innovative VisuNet Control Center software and VisuNet RM Shell, they can configure devices remotely and simultaneously. This saves a lot of time and valuable resources.

Several wizards ease managing thin clients with VisuNet Control Center. Using the Clone Device Wizard, for instance, users can quickly and easily transfer a configuration from one device to others without entering the field or connecting to every device. Users can also save time by installing firmware updates on multiple thin clients simultaneously. If multiple devices must be shut down or restarted at once, it can be done quickly and easily with the shutdown and restart wizards. 

Deployment Efficiency

The Clone Device Wizard allows you to quickly and easily transfer settings from one thin client to multiple devices without having to enter the field or connect to every device. The video shows how to use the wizard and make thin client management more efficient. 

The VisuNet Control Center features a Firmware Update Wizard that allows firmware updates to be installed on multiple thin clients simultaneously. The video provides step-by-step instructions for using the wizard.

The VisuNet Control Center and the VisuNet RM Shell 5 thin client software allow users to establish a session shadowing connection based on their own certificates. The video shows how to implement your certificate in just a few steps.

Benefit from Our Update Service!

As a user of the Pepperl+Fuchs VisuNet Control Center or RM Shell 5 firmware, you can benefit from our e-mail service. Get informed as soon as a new software update is available!

We distinguish between functionality and security updates. We recommend promptly installing security updates to close security gaps quickly. Functionality updates improve or extend existing features and can be installed as required.

Highlights of VisuNet Control Center

Efficient, centralized remote configuration
Easy and simplified maintenance
Monitoring and remote support
Complements VisuNet RM Shell firmware

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