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General Overviews

Quick Product Selection Overview Download Now

In this brochure you can find an overview of the extensive range of products of the Pepperl+Fuchs Factory Automation.

Quick Select Product Guide Download Now

The Quick Select Product Guide gives an overview of the most common sensors in the Factory Automation industries. It can be used for product selection and, once the final product selection has been made, enables specific products to be ordered via the online portal.

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The Product Guide provides a condensed overview of Pepperl+Fuchs' technologies for factory automation applications and introduces some of our highlight products.

Product- and Technology-Specific Flyers and Overviews

Industrielle Radarsensoren mit CAN-Schnittstelle Download Now

Defying Elements. Interference-free distance and velocity measurement. Even in rain, fog, wird, or dust.

Photoelectric Sensors Brochure Download Now

From standard thru-beam and diffuse mode sensors to high-performance LiDAR sensors—Pepperl+Fuchs offers a broad portfolio of photoelectric sensors. Learn more in this product overview.

EC_XM_20230323_01_literature_cover_SmartRunner-Technology_1067x754px Download Now

Unique combination of laser light section method and 2-D vision technology in a single device.

EC_XM_20230323_05_literature_cover_Ethernet-IO-Modules_1067x754px Download Now

Driving standardization.
Eliminating complexity.
Maximizing performance.

EC_XM_20230323_04_literature_cover_M18-Series_1067x754px Download Now

Five sensing modes; three housing designs; one user interface— efficiency in sensor shape.

EC_XM_20230323_02_literature_cover_IIoT-Roadmap_1067x754px Download Now

At Pepperl+Fuchs, the path forward is inspired by our commitment to helping you harness the possibilities of Industry 4.0. We are driven by the goal of enabling and supporting fully digitalized manufacturing processes. Sensorik4.0 is our vision for the next generation of technologies that make this digitalization a reality, offering you a competitive edge in an ever-changing environment. 

EC_XM_20230323_03_literature_cover_F31K2_1067x754px Download Now

Outstanding performance—even in the most extreme conditions.

EC_XM_20230323_06_literature_cover_ECHO-M_1067x754px Download Now

Functionality, affordability, and superior quality in a miniature cube housing.

EC_XM_20230323_07_literature_cover_ECHO-D_1067x754px Download Now

Functionality, affordability, and superior quality in a miniature cube housing.

EC_XM_20230323_08_literature_cover_LGS_and_LGM-Series_1067x754px Download Now

Integrated measuring functions, rapid object detection and three-way crossover

EC_XM_20230307_01_literature_cover_rfid-f190_1067x754px Download Now

Compact. Powerful. Connected. 1000 mW ERP transmitting power—making it the most compact UHF reader in its class.

EC_XM_20230307_01_literature_cover_voc_1067x754px Download Now

What Happened? Maximum insight through event-driven video recording up to 60 seconds before the trigger.

EC_XM_20230307_01_literature_cover_M18-M30_1067x754px Download Now

The New Easy. Double material detection of paper, foil, wood, or metal—easier than ever with IO-Link.

EC_XM_20230307_01_literature_cover_pallet-detection_1067x754px Download Now

Changing the Perspective. Sophisticated combination of an application-optimized mounting concept and advanced sensor technologies.

EC_XM_20230307_01_literature_cover_contur2d_1067x754px Download Now

The Only One! Efficient Contour Detection due to reliable shadow effect correction with only one LiDAR sensor.

Multifunctional. Modular. Identifies, positions and measures—with 5 megapixels and at the same time. Download Now

Multifunctional. Modular. Identifies, positions and measures—with 5 megapixels and at the same time.

Vibration Sensors Download Now

Condition Monitoring Excellence. Intelligent advanced warning and vibration diagnostics—up to SIL 2.

The USi®-Safety Sensor System in Accordance with Category 3 PL d Download Now

Safety without Exeption. Conquering the elements with unique ultrasonic technology for maximum safety.

ASi Meets IIoT. Integrated REST API and extensive web server pave the way to Industry 4.0. Download Now

ASi Meets IIoT. Integrated REST API and extensive web server pave the way to Industry 4.0.

SmartRunner Explorer 3-D Download Now

Infinite Possibilities. At the speed of light into the third dimension of automation.

R1000 Distance Sensor with Pulse Ranging Technology Download Now

Compact and Precise. Position accuracy down to a millimeter—even over long distances.

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Precision through Fusion. Error-free inclination detection for dynamic applications—in 360° and individually adaptable.

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Robust. Precise. Blue. With 460 nm, BlueBeam revolutionizes encoder technology—in standard and heavy-duty applications.

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This brochure introduces the universally applicable VOS 2-D vision sensors that enable fast and reliable measurement data for precise quality control. With flexible configuration options and evaluation methods, the camera-based sensors can be used in a wide range of automation applications.

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This brochure introduces the ShieldScan door protection sensor that ensures complete safety for your swing doors in accordance with EN16005. The photoelectric sensor combines innovative technology, easy commissioning, and minimalist design without any compromises.

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The new ultrasonic sensor series from Pepperl+Fuchs combines the advantages of ultrasonic technology with powerful features to create a sensor solution that meets virtually any application challenge.

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This brochure introduces the DeviceMaster® serial gateways that are used to connect serial devices such as barcode scanners, RFID read heads, scales, printers, and vision systems to plant Ethernet or the cloud.

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This flyer gives you an overview of the WILSEN.sonic.level wireless ultrasonic sensor with LoRaWAN interface. The sensor is used for intelligent fill level management in the smart city, smart logistics, smart farming, and smart environment sectors.

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In this brochure, learn more about the VariKont inductive sensor series with Active Shielding Technology. This technology ensures consistently high switching distances, no matter the installation situation or material.

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In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:

  • Inductive sensors for noncontact detection of metallic objects
  • Capacitive sensors for detection of nonmetallic objects and substances such as liquids, granules, paper, or wood
  • Magnetic field sensors for detection of magnetic fields through non-magnetizable materials in especially demanding applications
  • Accessories
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The ICE 2 (EtherNet/IP) and ICE3 (PROFINET) IO-Link master series come with an OPC UA interface and a real-time fieldbus protocol, making them an ideal solution for cloud-based applications with no superior PLC. In this brochure, learn how these modules enable seamless information exchange from field to cloud.

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In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:


  • Stationary 2-D Code Readers
  • Mobile 2-D Code Readers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • OIT High-Temperature Identification Systems
  • RFID—Overview and Technology
  • IDENTControl Control Interfaces, IO-Link Master
  • LF Read/Write Heads
  • HF Read/Write Heads
  • UHF Read/Write Heads
  • Tags
  • Handhelds
  • Devices for Hazardous Areas
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In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:

  • IO-Link product portfolio
  • Long-term cost reductions with IO-Link
  • Consistent communication down to the sensor level
  • Tools and operating interfaces for parameterization and diagnosis
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Standard inductive sensors can only detect different metal targets when the switching distance is reduced. This is due to reduction factors that vary from one metal to another. Reduction factor 1 sensors circumvent this issue and unify switching distances for all types of metals. Discover the entire portfolio—including the new reduction factor 1 sensors with IO-Link—in this brochure.

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With the new G20 ZPA roller module from Pepperl+Fuchs, the infeed of packages on conveyor belts can be adjusted to match the rate of packages leaving the conveyor belt—individually and without time-consuming programming. Learn more about the intelligent and cost-effective solution in this brochure.

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This brochure introduces the R10x and R20x series that come with a forward-thinking design and combine several photoelectric families of sensors with innovative technologies in one industry-standard housing style.

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PMI inductive positioning technology combines the ruggedness of an inductive proximity sensor with the precision of a position measurement and angular positioning system. In this brochure, you find an overview of our inductive positioning systems …

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Whether they are leveling cranes, controlling elevators, or monitoring front-loader tilt, inclination and acceleration sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs ensure precise measurements—even in harsh outdoor conditions. Learn more about F99 Series inclination and acceleration sensors in this brochure.

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In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:
  • Master and gateways
  • Power supplies and repeaters
  • Modules for switching cabinets, junction boxes and field applications
  • AS-Interface safety at work
  • AS-Interface in process technology
  • Accessories and sensors
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Pepperl+Fuchs provides high-performance sensor technology with connection technology to match. This brochure gives an overview of our extensive connectivity portfolio. Find the right cable for your specifi automation requirements.

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In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:

  • Pulse Ranging Technology
  • Sophisticated Design for Maximum Efficiency
  • The portfolio of LiDAR sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs
  • PACTware



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In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:

  • Cylindrical designs
  • Ultrasonic point level sensors
  • VariKont series, FP series, F12 series, F43 series, F54 series
  • Ultrasonic thru-beam sensors
  • Sensors with separate evaluation
  • Utrasonic double material identificaton
  • Accessories
  • ULTRA3000 calibration software
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In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:

  • Incremental encoders
  • Absolute encoders
  • Rotary encoders for hazardous areas
  • Special designs
  • Different types of interfaces
  • Accessories