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H-System Interface Modules

H-System interface modules are very easy to handle. They are just snapped onto pre-wired termination boards—no wires, no tools. The modules can be installed horizontally or vertically without spacers or power reduction. Their coding pins prevent incorrect placement and unintentional exceeding of the ex values. Additionally, system connectors avoid wiring errors on the control side. Thanks to the fixed wiring there is no loop testing required when modules have to be replaced, and they can be replaced even during operation. The label holder marking on the termination board is retained when the component is replaced, so it does not need to be renewed.   

HiC-Interface modules

Only 12.5 mm wide, single-channelled HiC-interface modules feature single-loop integrity, SIL 2/3 ratings, and reduced cabinet space requirements by as much as 33%. Their low power dissipation keeps the cabinet cooler and increases the life of the modules. Even though more channels can be packed into a cabinet, less power is turned into heat.

Safety Products Selector

Choose from various selection criteria like safety integrity level, performance level, device function, and signal type and find the SIL/PL assessed device that you are looking for.