Serviceline Industrial Sensors
Serviceline Explosion Protection

Basic Power Supplies

The basic power supplies provide power to single segments. The power supplies are built into 20 mm wide housings, which snap on the DIN-Rail or power rail. Through the power rail, they can be connected to redundant bulk power. A standard feature is an overall passive design – such as impedance generation and lowest power dissipation. They are ideal power supplies for small installations or test laboratory environments.

Most importantly the power supply design leads to significant savings. More room in the cabinet and reduced requirements for cooling often removes the need for fans in the cabinet. The modules can be mounted flush with no spacing required: Three versions exist for different applications:

Power Supply

The power supply module features full galvanic isolation, passive impedance generation, and low heat dissipation. This is the most common choice for fieldbus segments. The output voltage is set so that the most common explosion protection concepts can be designed in combination with suitable fieldbus couplers.

Power Conditioner

This almost entirely passive unit feeds the current of the bulk power supply directly to the fieldbus. The power conditioner is a good choice where a quality bulk power supply is used and only limited noise and crosstalk is expected.

Power Repeater

The power repeater extends existing segments. It galvanically isolates two cables and transmits the data signals back and forth. This refreshes the wave form and allows the cable distance to be maximized. Output power is available for safe areas, the High-Power Trunk, and intrinsically safe applications in combination with FieldBarriers.