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Segment Protectors are fieldbus couplers for connecting instruments to the fieldbus segment. They provide short-circuit protection to the trunk line. This is important where hot work performed on a field instrument would cause the entire segment to fail through unintended short circuits to the spur line.

For hazardous areas main line Segment Protectors (R2-SP* and F2-SP*) can be installed in Zone 2 / Div. 2. Some Segment Protectors are certified for Zone 1 installation. Spurs are installed with ignition protection method:

  • Increased safety for instruments in Zone 1/Div. 1
  • Intrinsic safety Ex ic for instruments in Zone 2/Div. 2

Segment Protectors for DIN-Rail installation are available with pre-engineered enclosures in GRP or stainless steel housings. The spur count can be up to 24 and accessories are selectable for easy installation. The housing is delivered installation ready with all internal wiring prepared. All components are covered with a single certificate for explosion hazardous areas when needed. Please note our extremely compact and robust Segment Protectors in aluminum housing.


Segment Protector R2-SP-IC*

Segment Protector R2-SP-IC*
Segment Protector R2-SP-IC*

Segment Protector R2-SP-IC* features the same mechanical design as the R2-SP-N* with added features for superior availability:

  • Progressive fault detection and isolation of infrequent but typical fieldbus faults, e.g. contact bounce
  • Jabber protection handling device defects
  • Ex ic energy limitation

The Segment Protector R2-SP-IC* communicates status from the diagnostic-enabled enclosure leakage sensor and surge protector to the Advanced Diagnostic Module. This communication does not interfere with normal process communication and requires no addressing, configuration or bandwidth on the bus.

Segment Protector F2-SP-IC*

Segment Protector F2-SP-IC*
Segment Protector F2-SP-IC*

Segment Protector F2-SP-IC* offers all the intelligent features for fault detection and protection of the R2-SP-IC*. It is installed in our most compact aluminum enclosure (F2-SP-IC*) with:

  • Quick and convenient local diagnostics: LEDs visible from the outside
  • 4, 6, 8, 10 spurs selectable
  • Cable glands or connector plugs (M12) selectable
  • Optional spring terminals

Segment Protector R-SP-E12 for Flameproof Devices in Zone 1/ Div. 2

Segment Protector R-SP-E12
Segment Protector R-SP-E12

The Segment Protector R-SP-E12 can supply power to Ex d field devices. The Segment Protector and the instrument can be installed in Zone 1.