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Device Server 16-port rack mount RJ45fa

Device Server 8-port panel mount DB9fa

EtherNet/IP to Modbus Gateway 2-port DIN Screw Terminalfa

PROFINET IO to Modbus Gateway 2-port DIN rail Screw Terminalfa

PROFINET IO to Modbus Gateway 4-port DIN Rail Screw Terminalfa

Serial Device Server 1-port DIN Rail Screw Terminalfa

Device Server 32-port rack mount RJ45fa

EtherNet/IP 1-port panel mount DB9fa

Device Server 4-port DIN Rail DB9fa

EtherNet/IP Gateway 2-port DIN rail DB9fa
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This free PDF white paper compares the different TCP-based communication protocols (AMQP, OPC UA, MQTT, REST API) that have found their way up and are considered the enablers of IIoT and Industry 4.0. Get your free download now!