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Exceptional Performance in PLC-Based Applications


ICE11 IO-Link Master with Multiprotocol Functionality

ICE11 IO-Link Master
ICE11 IO-Link master

IO-Link masters enable efficient and reliable communication between management and sensor/actuator levels. They transmit sensor data to higher-level information systems and can also receive data from there.

The new ICE11 IO-Link master for PLC-based applications is multiprotocol-capable and now supports not only PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and MODBUS TCP but also EtherCAT and CC-Link IE Field Basic. It can be used worldwide in various application areas such as robotics, intralogistics, and motion control applications.

The IO-Link masters are extremely powerful and can be used for real-time applications with cycle times down to the microsecond range, depending on the protocol used. For instance, the EtherCAT variant offers a ~250 µs cycle time. The devices also comply with the latest IO-Link standard V1.1.3, making them particularly sustainable.

Increased Process Reliability and Plant Availability

IO-Link provides additional safety through the diagnostic data of connected devices. This enables reliable condition monitoring and predictive maintenance. Due to their robust and durable housing, the IO-Link masters can be used in harsh industrial environments. They have degree of protection (IP69k), high vibration and shock resistance, and can operate within an extended temperature range of -40 °C to +70 °C.

Highlights of the ICE11 IO-Link Master

  • Multiprotocol for worldwide use: PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, CC-Link IE Field Basic, and MODBUS TCP in one device
  • Especially for time-critical applications: EtherCAT variant with extremely short cycle times in the microsecond range
  • Diagnostics from connected IO-Link devices allows condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of your processes
  • Future-oriented: latest IO-Link standard V1.1.3
  • Robust housing and high vibration resistance for use in harsh industrial environments


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