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Image processing is one of the most crucial and challenging sensor technologies of the future. Until recently, integrating vision sensors into practical applications was difficult and extremely expensive. Today, vision sensors can be implemented in a wide variety of industries and applications, offering cost advantages over standard solutions in difficult sensing environments.

The available devices and systems range from barcode imagers to vision sensors and system solutions that are adapted to the application requirements. The complexity of the solution and the cost of integration vary with each use. Each technology has advantages that are best suited for the application at hand.

As one of the few suppliers of industrial vision systems, we can accommodate a wide variety of image processing requirements for machine builders as well as for unique system solutions in plant engineering. We offer integrated vision sensor solutions that range from freely programmable devices to user-specific, custom-designed devices.For individual systems with demanding requirements, we provide customer-specific system solutions through our subsidiary, VMT GmbH. Our partnership with VMT enables Pepperl+Fuchs to offer the whole range of industrial image processing from vision sensors via smart cameras to a complete system.

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of image processing, the image processing specialists at VMT work together with our customers on their application requirements to provide turnkey solutions for the field of robot vision, 2-D and 3-D robot guidance, path correction, and machine vision. Other vision sensor principles, such as the multi-camera system for error proofing assembled parts, are also impressively proving their efficiency.