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Thin Client Unit (TCU) TCU1100-* (Intel® Atom Elkhart Lake Processor)

Generation 2024
TCU1100-* (Intel® Atom Elkhart Lake Processor)
  • Modular, lightweight design
  • Low-power design with minimal heat dissipation
  • VisuNet RM Shell installed
  • High connectivity flexibility due to multiple interface options
  • Certified for ATEX and IECEx Zone 1/21
  • UL listed for USA and Canada
  • IP66

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH or Pepperl+Fuchs AG, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

Download the complete datasheet as a PDF:

Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  TCU1100-* (Intel® Atom Elkhart Lake Processor)

Product Description
Thin Client Unit
ProcessorIntel® Atom Elkhart Lake x6211E
Mass storage64 GByte industrial grade MLC SSD
Input voltage24 V DC ± 10 % (SELV/PELV)
Power consumption14 W average, 30 W max.
Interface typeStandard:
1 x Ethernet 100/1000BASE-TX (Ex e) or
1 x fiber optic 1000BASE-SX (Multimode) or
1 x fiber optic 1000BASE-LX (Singlemode),
1 x USB 2.0 (Ex e),
2 x USB 1.1 (Ex i; intended for Pepperl+Fuchs keyboard and mouse),

1 x barcode reader interface Pepperl+Fuchs Pscan-D/B (Ex i)
"S3": 1 x barcode reader interface for wired 1-D scanners IDM-160-D*, IDM-Z1-160-D-* and base station IDMx61-B-* and IDM-Z1-x61-B-* (Ex i)
"S4": 1 x barcode reader interface for wired 2-D Scanner IDM-Z1-260-D-* (Ex i)
"S5": 1 x RS-232 interface with Power Supply for miscellaneous devices and peripherals (Ex i) 1 x RS-232 (Ex e)
1 x RS-485 (Ex e)
1 x Ethernet 100/1000Base-TX (Ex e)
Bluetooth v4.0, communication distance up to 30 m in open terrain, transmission power +8 dBm, transmission frequency 2.402 ... 2.48 GHz
Directive conformity
Electromagnetic compatibility
Directive 2014/30/EUEN 61326-1:2013 (industrial locations) ; EN 61000-6-4:2007+A1:2011
Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS)EN 50581:2012-09
Operating systemVisuNet RM Shell 6.x (based on Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2021 LTSC)
Ambient conditions
Operating temperature-20 ... 65 °C (-4 ... 149 °F)
Storage temperature-20 ... 65 °C (-4 ... 149 °F)
Relative humidity93% at 40°C, non-condensating, according to EN 60068-2-78
Shock resistance18 shocks 15 g , 11 ms all axis, IEC 60068-2-27
Vibration resistance10 ... 150 Hz, +/- 0.075 mm , 1g, 10 cycles per axis according to EN60068-2-6
Mechanical specifications
Degree of protectionIP66 ( when mounted on the display unit from Pepperl+Fuchs )
Housinganodized aluminum
Massapprox. 5 kg
Dimensions280 mm x 240 mm x 43 mm
Data for application in connection with hazardous areas
EU-type examination certificateBVS 16 ATEX E 083 X
MarkingEx-Hexagon II 2G Ex eb q [ib] IIC T4 IP66 Gb
Ex-Hexagon II 2D Ex tb [ib] IIIC T85°C IP66 Db
Directive conformity
Directive 2014/34/EUEN 60079-0:2012+A11:2013, EN 60079-5:2015, EN 60079-7:2015, EN 60079-11:2012, EN 60079-31:2014
International approvals
UL approvalE492874
Approved forClass I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D T4; Zone 2, Group IIC T4
Class II, Division 2, Groups F, G T4; Zone 22, Group IIIB T85
Class III; Zone 22, Group IIIA T85
IECEx approvalIECEx BVS 16.0060X
Approved forEx eb q [ib] IIC T4 IP66 Gb
Ex tb [ib] IIIC T85°C IP66 Db
StandardsIEC 60079-0:2011, IEC 60079-5:2015, IEC 60079-7:2015, IEC 60079-11:2011, IEC 60079-31:2013


ECLASS 13.019209090
ECLASS 12.019209290
ECLASS 11.019209290
ECLASS 10.0.119209290
ECLASS 9.019209290
ECLASS 8.019209290
ECLASS 5.127242392
ETIM 9.0EC001467
ETIM 8.0EC001467
ETIM 7.0EC001467
ETIM 6.0EC001467
ETIM 5.0EC001467
UNSPSC 12.143222605

Details: TCU1100-* (Intel® Atom Elkhart Lake Processor)


The TCU1100-* Thin Client Unit is an ATEX/IECEx certified, UL listed device intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as Zones 1/21 and Class I/II, Div. 2, and Class III.

Connected to a Pepperl+Fuchs display unit device, it serves as a thin-client based computing unit that runs Pepperl+Fuchs VisuNet RM Shell firmware. The TCU1100 enables users to easily connect to a host system via Ethernet.

Multiple Ex i interfaces support the connection of intrinsically safe accessories that match with the provided entity parameters like Pepperl+Fuchs’ EXTA2 keyboard and mouse system.

The USB Ex e interface can be used to connect other third-party devices that comply with the installation requirements. For extended distances, the TCU1100-* is available with an optional multi-mode or single-mode fiber optic interface.

The TCU1100-* Thin Client Unit is used in combination with the modular Pepperl+Fuchs HMI components Display unit (DPU1100-*) and Power Supply unit (PSU1100-*) of the VisuNet GXP product line.

Product Documentation: TCU1100-* (Intel® Atom Elkhart Lake Processor)

Language Selection:
Safety and Security DocumentationLanguageFile TypeFile Size
Instruction manualENGPDF243 KB
ManualENGPDF6122 KB

Approvals: TCU1100-* (Intel® Atom Elkhart Lake Processor)

Language Selection:
CertificatesCertificate No.LanguageFile TypeFile Size
/cert/cert6077.pdfCML 21UKEX3469XALLPDF154 KB
ATEX CategoryBVS 16 ATEX E 083 XALLPDF16876 KB
China SITIIAS CCC Ex Certificate2020322309003368 (Singapore)ALLPDF5129 KB
IECEx Certificate of ConformityIECEx BVS 16.0060XALLLINK---
UL Hazardous LocationE492874 (NRAG, NRAG7)ALLPDF405 KB
Control Drawings
Control drawing UL / Control drawing UL   ALLPDF80 KB
Declaration of Conformity
EU Declaration of Conformity (P+F) / EU-Konformitäterklärung (P+F)DOC-3099EALLPDF232 KB

Associated Products: TCU1100-* (Intel® Atom Elkhart Lake Processor)


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Fiber Optic Multi-Mode Breakout Cable , Military-grade fiber optic multi-mode cable for easy connectivity of Pepperl+Fuchs thin client / PC units, Available with duplex LC to LC or LC to SC connectorspa
Gigabit Industrial Media Converter, Converts 10, 100, and 1000BASE-T to 1000BASE-SX, Supports multi-mode (50/125 µm) up to 550 m, Redundant power inputs (10 ... 30 V DC), CE approved and UL listed for Class I, Div. 2pa
Fiber Optic Single-Mode Breakout Cable , Military-grade fiber optic single-mode cable for easy connectivity of Pepperl+Fuchs thin client / PC unitspa
Fiber Optic Single-Mode Breakout Cable , Military-grade fiber optic single-mode cable for easy connectivity of Pepperl+Fuchs thin client / PC unitspa
1 m connector cable for corded handheld reader with M12 connector to open cable end, Connector cable for wired 1-D Scanner IDM-Z1-16x-D-1D-J1-S-* and 2-D Scanner IDM-Z1-26x-D-2D-J1-S* and Bluetooth Basestation IDM-Z1-x6x-B-J1-BT-N0, 4-wire with ferrules, IDM Scanner connection via M12-connector, Note: Supports only RS232 Scanner/Basestationpa
VisuNet Control Center License Key for RM Shell 6, Enables easy, centralized management of a Remote Monitor via the VisuNet Control Centerpa
DRDC License Key for RM Shell 6, Allows you to directly connect from a VisuNet Remote Monitor to a virtualized Emerson DeltaV systempa
PRO License Key for RM Shell 6, Restricted Web browser (Internet Explorer-based): Allows the secure direct access of HTML-based MES and SCADA systems, Restricted Web browser (Chrome-Engine-based): HTML5 compatible web browser that enables the secure access of websites and web-applications., Desktop Sharing: Clone a Remote Monitor to work with one host system from several Remote Monitors simultaneously, Raritan KVM Profile: Client allows to directly connect to Raritan Dominion KX II-101 V2 KVM-Switchpa
VisuNet RM Shell 6 Upgrade-Package for VisuNet Remote Monitors and Box Thin Clients, Upgrade HMI devices from RM Shell 5 to RM Shell 6 (based on Windows® 10 IoT LTSC 2021), Easy download of new images, Contains COA label that licenses the thin client for the new operating systempa