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Housing Designs

Inductive sensors are available in various designs to suit different intended purposes and different mounting situations. Cylindrical and cubic designs are typical.

Cylindrical Sensors

The sensing face of cylindrical sensors is located on the front face in the axial direction. These sensors are available with diameters of 3 mm without thread or 4 mm with thread, up to 30 mm with thread, or 40 mm smooth with terminal housing.

Example of a typical application: cylindrical sensors are typically used where simple mounting is required, e.g., where single-hole mounting is required through a bore. Cylindrical sensors can be easily offset in the axial direction, making it easy to adjust and adapt to the application.

Cubic Sensors

Typical rectangular inductive sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs are known as VariKont sensors. Sensors of this type (housing design IC30 and IC40) have the mounting hole arrangement defined in the European standard EN 60947. This arrangement is the same as for mechanical position limit switches.

Example of a typical application: Due to the large operating distance, the robustness, and the installation options, the VariKont is often used in amusement park rides. But, even in industrial environments, the VariKont is used wherever large operating distances are required. A movable sensor head makes mounting the sensor much easier.

Flat Packs (FP)

Flat packs are block-shaped sensors with a large front face (80 mm x 80 mm) and therefore a large operating distance. They consist of two parts. The mounting base contains the terminal compartment. The top part contains the connector pins, the sensor element, and the electronics, which are vacuum-encapsulated with casting resin. The top part is always made of PBT and the mounting base either of PBT or cast metal. Flat packs have the mounting hole arrangement as defined in the European standard EN 60947 (housing design ID80).

Example of a typical application: Due to the large operating distances, the robustness, and the mounting concept, the flat pack (FP) is frequently found in amusement park rides. But the flat pack can be used wherever large operating distances are required, even in large industrial environments.

Surface-Mountable Sensors

Surface-mountable sensors are small inductive sensors with attachment options for mounting onto surfaces. The sensors can be screwed onto a surface designed for this purpose. Depending on the design, the sensing face is oriented upward or forward. The housing is usually made of PBT.

Example of a typical application: surface-mountable sensors are multipurpose. They are typical all-arounders.

Inductive Slot Sensors

This sensor type has a U-shaped PBT housing. The electromagnetic alternating field is built up between two coils, which are located opposite each other in the legs of the "U." The switching element function is triggered when the object dips into the area between the coils. Due to their inherent design, slot-shaped inductive sensors have no reduction factor. They detect all metal damping elements equally well.

Example of a typical application:slot-shaped sensors are used for position feedback of valve actuators. In addition, sensors of this type are used for drag pointer detection in pressure gauges (maximum or minimum pressure detection).

Inductive Ring Sensors

These sensors are designed in ring form. The electromagnetic alternating field is concentrated inside the ring. The switching element function is triggered when a metallic object moves into the sensor ring. The housing material is PBT.

Examples of a typical application: suspended body detection, counting tasks

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