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The Benefits PRT Sensors Offer You

PRT offers high levels of precision in applications ranging from a few millimeters to several hundred meters

Success at the speed of light! The superiority of this technology lies in the power density of the light pulses, which is 1000 times greater than in sensors with constant light sources. The benefits that this technology delivers include large measurement ranges, high detection ranges, and absolute levels of precision. Negative influences such as extraneous light or different reflection characteristics cannot impact the function of PRT sensors. PRT—the technology for high quality results!


  • Direct measurement method delivering precise, reliable, and clear measurements
  • Greater accuracy over longer distances
  • No offset of the measured value during prolonged operation
  • Clear measurement result, even when several targets are present in the detection range


  • High degree of immunity to extraneous light
  • No mutual interference
  • Minimal susceptibility to changes in the measurement path caused by environmental influences
  • Reliable suppression of interfering influences such as dust or fog
  • Reliable blanking of objects in the distant background


  • Little influence on the properties of the object, practically no black-white difference
  • Reliable operation, even in applications in the frozen storage sector at temperatures to -30 °C
  • Fully capable of detecting multiple targets, can be used in safety-critical applications