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Optimizing Asset Management in Existing Plants


For modern asset management, communication between the field and control levels must be as continuous as possible. Digital communication enables sensors in the field to send diagnostic and configuration data in addition to measured values. Almost all measuring instruments installed in process
engineering plants already offer these options using the proven HART protocol. However, the additional information often remains unused because conventional methods for transmitting it would be disproportionately expensive.


Ultimately, the goal is to optimize plant availability. Plant down time and failures must be limited to the minimum of inevitable planned interventions. Servicing and maintenance can be optimized using modern, digitally supported asset management. This optimization also benefits the instrumentation
documentation and quality management. Continuous communication can also facilitate big data applications without requiring significant intervention in the installed base, since there is no need to replace high-functioning, conventional analog sensors and actuators.


Users of LB/FB remote I/O systems benefit from all of the advantages of digital communication, while still using analog field devices. The system digitally connects sensors and actuators with an analog interface, such as 4 mA … 20 mA, and NAMUR sensors and valves with a control system. In addition to the measured value, LB/FB remote I/O systems also transmit all of the diagnostic and configuration data of the HART-compatible field devices. This makes instrumentation transparent, both for asset management and for process optimization. Concepts for preventive servicing can be implemented without additional engineering on the control system. LB/FB remote I/O systems are modular and can be installed in hazardous areas in the immediate vicinity of the sensors. The systems consist of a backplane, a power supply unit, I/O modules, and a gateway. The LB system is suitable for Zone 2/Div. 2 and non-hazardous areas. The FB system is available for Zone 1.


Field devices can be addressed directly using HART and HART/IP. Using a separate HART modem for each field device ensures high transmission speeds, meaning there are no waiting times. The HART/IP protocol can be used in parallel with PROFINET and the asset management system can access the data in parallel with the control system. Remote I/O stations installed nowadays offer HART Over PROFIBUS to enable access to the field device data. Pepperl+Fuchs supplies complete, ready-to-install solutions including pre-wiring that can be tested upon request before delivery. The innovative software solutions and industrial IoT services from the Pepperl+Fuchs subsidiary Neoception allow field devices to be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT.

At a Glance

  • Analog field devices can remain in use with the addition of an interface for digital communication
  • Configuration and diagnostic data is available in real time for asset management
  • Minimal investment and installation expense
  • Based on tried-and-tested HART protocol
  • For installation in Zones 1 and 2, and Division 2

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The new LB/FB PROFINET gateways from Pepperl+Fuchs open the door for IIoT 4.0 applications in process industries.