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Pepperl+Fuchs Presents New Portfolio of Vibration Sensors for Optimum Plant Availability


New portfolio of vibration sensors
The new vibration sensor series by Pepperl+Fuchs—approved for hazardous areas

From milling machines to pumps and fans to wind turbines—wherever vibrations occur, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance play a crucial role in ensuring personnel and plant protection. In order to perform reliable measurements of vibration velocity and acceleration in low- or high-frequency ranges, Pepperl+Fuchs offers three new vibration sensor series. These devices for global applications come with approvals for hazardous areas up to Zone 1/21 and Div. 2, as well as certifications for functional safety SIL 1/PL c and SIL 2/PL d—meeting the highest safety requirements.

Three Designs for Various Requirements

Unlike comparable products, Pepperl+Fuchs vibration sensors boast a particularly wide measuring range, capable of measuring vibrations of up to 128 mm/second. With encapsulated electronics in a rugged compact housing, these sensors stand out due to their maintenance-free operation and particularly long service life. They are available in three designs with different functional ranges:

The VIM3 sensors are the smallest vibration sensors in the series, suited for less complex applications. They are certified up to SIL 1/PL c for use in safety applications.

The sensors of the VIM6 series are designed for use in high-temperature areas, where they are deployed to measure temperature as well as vibration. An analog output is available for each measured value. The VIM6 series is available with duplex steel housing and is approved for use in hazardous areas up to Zone 1/21.

The VIM8 series with encapsulated electronics is designed for use in harsh environments and Zone 1/21 hazardous areas as well as offshore applications. The sensors come with SIL 2/PL d approval and a temperature range of -35 ... +125 °C.  In addition, the vibration sensors are equipped with a number of sophisticated functions. For example, by means of the integrated crest function the condition of machine bearings can be monitored and machine downtime or failures can be prevented before damage occurs. Optionally, users can define two limit values via rotary switches. As soon as these values are exceeded, they are output via two relays for predictive maintenance purposes. This eliminates the need for extensive software development to evaluate the signal values in a PLC.

In turbines and other machines, the vibration sensors by Pepperl+Fuchs reliably measure vibration velocity and acceleration.

Helpful Accessories Complete the Portfolio

The portfolio of vibration sensors is complemented by helpful accessories, including mounting adapters, a flexible metal conduit and a protective rubber sleeve. The metal conduit, which is available for the sensor types VIM6 and VIM8, safeguard the cables from mechanical stress while the rubber sleeve provides additional protection from moisture and dirt.

Highlights of the New Vibration Sensors

  • Three new vibration sensors with approvals up to Zone 1/21 (Div. 2) for optimum plant availability and process safety
  • Particularly rugged housing design and suitability for safety applications according to SIL 1/PL c and SIL 2/PL d
  • Largest vibration sensor VIM8 with encapsulated electronics withstands notably high mechanical and chemical loads and is made with two adjustable relays to detect critical limits
  • Helpful accessories: Protective rubber sleeve protects against severe weather; metal conduit protects cable against mechanical stress


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