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Load Handling

When it comes to picking up, securing and transporting loads, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) require a wide range of information to ensure safe and smooth processes. First, the automated vehicle must dock precisely at the correct transfer station. During loading and unloading, it must be ensured that the load carriers are reliably detected and correctly positioned. Load identification can also become a challenge if, for example, several objects are to be detected simultaneously or a robot mounted on the AGV has to be controlled accurately.

From docking to load detection and positioning to load identification, Pepperl+Fuchs offers an extensive portfolio of compact and robust sensors that are ideal for use in automated guided vehicles. For example, noncontact technologies ensure safe material transfer, while powerful identification systems reliably identify the load carriers even under harsh conditions.

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Solutions for Docking

Solutions for Load Positioning and Detection

Solutions for Load Identification

Navigation and Guidance

To reliably navigate automated guided vehicles, powerful technologies are required. Discover our solutions for navigation and guidance!

Environment Perception

AGVs must accurately detect their surroundings to rule out collisions with people and objects. Find the right products for environment perception!