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R2300 LiDAR Sensor for High-Speed Applications


Pepperl+Fuchs offers a new LiDAR sensor with a scan rate of 100 Hz—ideal for high-speed applications. The R2300 single-layer scanner achieves this exceptionally high scan rate by scanning on only one layer. The sensor offers the same combination of high performance and cost efficiency that characterizes the R2300 series multilayer scanners. The basis for this is the Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) developed by Pepperl+Fuchs.

Reliable Measurement Results with Pulse Ranging Technology

PRT is an advancement of the classic time-of-flight technology which delivers fast and precise measurement results with over 250,000 emitted laser pulses per second. This method works reliably even under changing ambient conditions. The very good angular resolution of 0.1° and a small light spot ensure high precision for navigation, positioning, and detection tasks. As a cost-effective LiDAR sensor, the R2300 simultaneously offers an optimal price-performance ratio.

Scanning on One Layer for Higher Scan Rate

With its four scanning planes, the multilayer variant of the R2300 is particularly suitable for applications in which the focus is on high reliability and process safety, such as collision avoidance, pallet detection, or robotics applications. In the single-layer variant, on the other hand, scanning takes place on just one layer. This results in a four times higher scan rate of 100 Hz, opening up new applications in the high-speed range.

For example, the LiDAR sensor can be used on roller conveyors with high conveying speeds to determine the volume of the conveyed goods during movement. The sensor is also ideal for combined web edge and sag control: Using PRT, it reliably detects the web sag. At the same time, the high angular resolution enables precise monitoring of the edge position. With a scan rate of 100 Hz, the sensor is also suitable for use with fast control loops.

With its high scan rate, the single-layer scanner is suitable for high-speed applications.

Flexible Adaptation to the Application

All LiDAR sensors of the R2300 series can be easily adapted to different applications: In addition to the measuring laser, a switchable, visible pilot laser is integrated, which can be used to precisely align the devices without any other aids. The measuring angle of 100° can be reduced as required in order to adapt the scan field to the specific application. The compact housing design allows easy integration even where space is limited.

Highlights of the R2300 Series LiDAR Sensors

  • LiDAR sensors based on Pulse Ranging Technology (PRT) for superior accuracy and interference immunity
  • Very good angular resolution and small light spot for high precision in navigation, positioning, and detection applications
  • Switchable, visible pilot laser for precise alignment and easy sensor commissioning
  • Multilayer scanner for greater reliability and cost efficiency in 3-D applications
  • Single-layer scanner with a scan rate of 100 Hz for object detection in high-speed applications


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