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RFID from Pepperl+Fuchs


Boost your efficiency with RFID from Pepperl+Fuchs

Boost your efficiency with RFID from Pepperl+Fuchs

When you apply a Pepperl+Fuchs industrial RFID system in your process, you eliminate error-prone manual data collection. Benefit from reduced administrative errors, better transparency, and major gains in speed.
Service and support from the RFID experts

Service and support from the RFID experts

For more than 25 years, Pepperl+Fuchs has been researching and developing in the field of RFID technology. You can rely on our experienced specialists to support you with in-depth knowledge on myriad RFID applications.
Tailor-made identification solutions

Tailor-made identification solutions

From all required components (readers, tags, control interfaces, cables) to all commonly used frequency ranges (LF, HF, UHF)—Pepperl+Fuchs offers you a complete system solution that perfectly suits your specific needs.
High compatibility for easy integration

High compatibility for easy integration

Pepperl+Fuchs' RFID components can be combined with almost any control system on the market. Our control interfaces support all frequency ranges and handling of our RFID solutions remains the same across all frequencies.

UHF Read/Write Head with Integrated Industrial Ethernet Interface and REST API

UHF Read/Write Head with Integrated Industrial Ethernet Interface and REST API

The new IUT-F190-B40 UHF RFID read/write head, which offers an integrated industrial Ethernet interface and REST API, is designed for medium detection ranges, and can be quickly and easily integrated into OT and IT systems. Get to know this attractive solution for production control and monitoring, track-and-trace applications, and other Industry 4.0 applications in factory automation.

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One Basic Device, Three Frequencies: Modular RFID Handhelds for Industrial Environments

Modular RFID Handhelds from Pepperl+Fuchs

Using a sophisticated mechanism, RFID read/write heads for different frequencies (LF, HF, UHF) can be quickly and easily attached to the handheld's base module without any tools. This ensures users can concentrate completely on the identification task at hand. To help with this, the basic device has a 4.8-inch capacitive, hardened color touch display, which can be read clearly at all times even in suboptimal ambient light conditions. IP54 protection emphasizes the device's suitability for use outdoors and in other challenging environments.


RFID Solutions

In a research project at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), twelve partners from industry and science joined forces to develop a flexible transport system. The result is KARIS PRO, an autonomous vehicle that is currently tested in practice. Dieter Schneider, Team Leader R&D Identification Systems at Pepperl+Fuchs, gives insight into the project...

RFID Product Manager Dr. Klaus Schmitt takes you on a tour and provides insights into our solutions specifically tailored for meat processing industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions on RFID

Part 1: general questions on RFID

General Questions on RFID

Are you interested in RFID technology but are not sure where to start? The first part of our FAQs gives you an overall insight into RFID. Learn about the basic components that constitute a setup, the history of the technology, and the major benefits that RFID can bring to identification tasks in your particular process …

Part 2: RFID readers

Frequently asked questions on RFID readers

Reliable non-contact identification depends on high-quality reading devices. Get to know the functional principles of RFID readers. How do readers work and which types are available on the market? Which role does antenna polarization play and how do you avoid reader crosstalk? Also, get advice on how to choose the RFID reader best suited for your application …

Part 4: RFID tags

Frequently asked questions about RFID tags

RFID tags are diverse products and can be found in industrial applications as well as in our private lives. Learn about the functional principles and different tag types. When should I use an active instead of a passive tag? How much information can one tag store? How do tags fare in terms of durability when your application is rather challenging? …

Part 3: RFID frequencies

Frequently asked questions on RFID frequencies

To enable noncontact data exchange via an RFID system, radio waves are used for communication. Depending on the application requirements, RFID systems utilize different frequency ranges. Gather insights into the characteristics of these ranges. What defines them? Where are they being used? What can affect the signal transmission? …

Use Cases

10 applications for RFID

10 Typical Applications for RFID

RFID is an extremely versatile technology that is applied in many sectors. We compiled ten application examples from ten industries for you. Get inspired by the use cases and learn how flexible RFID technology boosts reliable identification and overall efficiency under a variety of circumstances …

RFID fuels Industry 4.0

RFID fuels Industry 4.0

RFID is a key enabler for future-proof digital factories in the sense of Industry 4.0: when a product is marked with an RFID tag it stores information about necessary production steps or special requirements. More than that, it can store new, additional information when the production steps have been completed. Attaching RFID tags to production items introduces dynamic structures and flexibility to all areas of manufacturing. Get additional information on technology for Industry 4.0 by Pepperl+Fuchs—labeled as "Sensorik4.0®".

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