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Sensors for Automatic Doors and Access Systems

Modern buildings are dominated by automatic doors. Automatic door systems rely on robust sensor systems to keep them working and keep them safe. From photoelectric sensors that can detect direction and differentiate between people and vehicles, to sensors that provide absolute positioning and protection against pinch points and collisions, Pepperl+Fuchs has an automatic door sensor to suit your needs. In fact, we have the largest and most diverse selection of sensor systems in the world.

The TopScan-S active infrared photoelectric sensor, for example, is one of the first TÜV tested devices certified to DIN 18650. Modular sensors fit into a track and are readily set for beam position and angle, operation modes, and left or right edge monitoring. It is ideal for swinging doors.

Maximum reliability and safety in the opening, closing, and monitoring of sliding doors is provided by the RMS-S series microwave sensors. The ability to detect moving targets approaching the door as well as stationary object in the path of the door makes the RMS-S one-of-a-kind and eliminates the requirements of using additional sensors. RMS-S also fully complies to DIN 18650.