Serviceline Industrial Sensors
Serviceline Explosion Protection

 The LC10-1-D and LC10-2-D loop detectors are used to detect vehicles which are introduced into the induction loops. The LC10-2-D is capable of evaluating two separate loops.

These are suitable for the following application areas:

  • Gate control, barrier control
  • Position detection in parking garages
  • Signal output for traffic lamp systems, traffic computers, vehicle count
  • Safety of transfer positions in automatic conveyor systems
  • Directionally dependent vehicle detection (LC10-2-D only)

How it works:

The wire loops embedded in the ground represent the inductivity of a high-frequency oscillation circuit. If a vehicle with metal parts approaches the wire loop or stands within the wire loop, there is a change in frequency of the oscillation circuit. The vehicle is reliably detected via signal output through potential-free relays. By evaluating two signal loops in a multiplex mode, nested occupation of wire loops is also possible with the LC10-2-D. A periodic calibration of the loops is also performed, so that changes in loop inductivity due to temperature, humidity, or changes in components can automatically be compensated.