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Precision Positioning (PHA)

The PHA vision sensor allows safe and efficient transport of production goods. The vision sensor  is especially developed for precision positioning. It detects circular holes in the rack structure and determines their position deviation in the X and Y axes regarding the target position.

Due to an automatic lighting control, PHA vision sensors always ensure absolute positioning independent of interference factors such as contamination, extraneous light, or other environmental influences. The PHA positioning system is equipped with a unique and cost-effective camera system that carries out positioning based on existing holes in the rack system— without any additional target needed.

Your benefits of PHA vision sensor:

  • Safe processes independent from interference factors such as pollution, extraneous light, and other environmental influences
  • Positioning on existing holes saves additional targets and is cost-efficient
  • Flexible application possibilities due to a distance range of 150 mm to 950 mm
  • Use in frozen storage to - 40 ° C is possible
  • RS-232, Ethernet TCP / IP, and PROFINET interfaces
  • Easy handling with LED status indicator

Focus industries:

  • Intralogistics
  • Material handling
  • Automotive industry

Positioning Systems

In addition to camera-based positioning systems, Pepperl+Fuchs provides you with optical and inductive positioning systems. Learn more about these technologies and the possibilities they offer.