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Fiber Optics

Plastic fiber optics

Plastic fiber optics are manufactured from a light conductive plastic monofilament material which is protected by a PVC jacket. The plastic cables are generally utilized due to their small size and narrow beam diameter. This enables easy detection of small parts such as pins on an IC chip. Plastic cables can be “cut-to-length” in the field, therefore the correct length doesn’t have to be specified when ordering. Obtaining the maximum light intensity possible in each application is accomplished by customizing the plastic cables to the shortest possible length. This will reduce the inherent “light losses” that occur inside the cable. The standard length is 2m. A variety of head styles ensure that you will be able to find a version to suit your needs.

Glass fiber optics

Glass fiber optics are constructed from tiny strands of glass that are bundled together inside an application-specific sheath. Pepperl+Fuchs offers four standard types of sheaths: stainless steel, silicone, PVC and metal silicone. The diameter of the glass fiber optic cables is generally larger than plastic and provides a longer sensing range. The robust mechanical design of the stainless steel sheathing can withstand temperatures as high as 482 °F. Due to the selection of different end-fitting –heads, combined with the appropriate sheathing material, a solution can be found for every application.