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Positioning System PGV among Top 5 Products of the Automation Award


Position Guided Vision - Leading the Way

The PGV Positioning system gains the 4th place of the Automation Award
The PGV Positioning system gains the 4th place of the Automation Award

The unique positioning system PGV (Position Guided Vision) from Pepperl+Fuchs has reached the 4th place of the Automation Award 2013. With 13,1 % the product is among the TOP 5.

The PGV positioning system is the only product that offers an optimal solution for controlling automated guided vehicles by combining optical color band tracking used for driving, Data Matrix codes used for positioning, and control codes used for navigation. The wide reading window can handle any branches, crossovers, and even tight curves with precise position feedback at all times. Bands of different colors and widths are reliably tracked. The positioning system PGV delivers excellent process reliability. Its optical components are purely focused on the "region of interest". Thus, the PGV works indendently from external influences such as dirty or damaged color/code bands and codes or extraneous lights.


  • Reliably detects different colored route-tracking tape/paint and Data Matrix codes even on highly reflective surfaces
  • Excellent extraneous light immunity > 100,000 lux, eliminates additional contrast tape
  • Wide scan window coupled with the 2-D Data Matrix technology provides seamless navigation over damaged or dirty tape
  • Compact housing fits in the smallest AGVs
  • Easy mounting and installation with plug-and-play connectivity
  • Compatible with most industrial protocols

The Automation Award

Every year, a jury - consisting of the SPS IPC Drives congress committee, VDMA, ZVEI, and the elektro automation - nominates ten products from the automation industry. At the SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg - visitors cast their votes for their favorite product. The product with the most votes receives the Automation Award.