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Rotary encoders are required wherever physical quantities such as rotational speed, angle of rotation, velocity or acceleration are to be monitored. In combination with cable pulls, they can also measure linear movements and lengths.

Rotary encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs are used in a wide variety of industries—from mechanical and plant engineering to material handling and the renewable energy sector. Whether heavy-duty, offshore or hazardous areas: Pepperl+Fuchs offers the right incremental or absolute rotary encoder for all application requirements. The portfolio is built on several established basic technologies:

Optical vs. Magnetic Scanning

High resolutions can be easily achieved with Pepperl+Fuchs optical rotary encoders. A code disk with radial slits is used for this purpose. An LED sends light through the radial slits to a receiver located on the other side of the code disc. The rotation of the disk modulates the light, and the receiver converts it into an electrical signal.

The magnetic rotary encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs are particularly robust and therefore ideally suited for use in harsh environments. Due to energy harvesting, the magnetic absolute rotary encoders do not require an external power supply to save their current position. As a result, they perform reliably even in the event of power failures.

Rotary Encoders with Bearing vs. Bearing-Free Rotary Encoders

In addition to rotary encoders with integral bearing, Pepperl+Fuchs also offers a selection of bearing-free rotary encoders. These sensors enable particularly space-saving installation due to their low mounting depth. Thanks to noncontact and wear-free scanning, they also ensure reliable operation even in harsh environmental conditions.

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