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SIL3 Transmitter Power Supply Now Available with Practical Spring Terminals


SIL3 transmitter power supply with spring terminals
SIL3 transmitter power supply with convenient spring terminals

The new intrinsically safe SIL3 transmitter power supply KCD2 STC EX1.ES.SP expands the comprehensive portfolio of KC interface modules. In addition to the version with screw terminals, the new transmitter power supply is now available with convenient spring terminals. This quick connection method allows reliable and maintenance-free cable attachment and offers additional flexibility for the user.

Highest Functional Safety due to SIL3

As a classified SIL3 device, the new transmitter power supply meets all safety requirements and is approved for intrinsically safe applications according to IEC 61508. The advantage of this is that only a single transmitter power supply is required to build an intrinsically safe signal circuit for SIL3. Until now, two SIL2 devices were needed. These additional costs can now be eliminated. For SIL2 applications there is a considerable benefit. Due to the new transmitter power supply with SIL3 classification, the prescribed test intervals in SIL2 applications are extended. Consequently, work-intensive maintenance is reduced.

Space saving and diagnostics

The single channel transmitter power supply provides an active and passive 4…20 mA standard signal as well as a 1…5 V output signal for the control side and is only 12.5 mm wide. The narrow design ensures the efficient use of the available cabinet space. The assembly on the DIN rail (35 mm) with the Power Rail also allows information on internal diagnostics as a collective error message. The diagnostic information is then reported to a red signaling LED and can be easily seen by the user. The new transmitter power supply has an input for 2-wire SMART transmitters and current sources. The operation mode source / sink can be chosen.

Highlights of the new transmitter power supply

  • Removable spring terminals for fast and reliable cable attachment
  • SIL3 classification according to IEC 61508
  • Internal diagnostic function with practical LED display and collective error message
  • Space saving due to the narrow 12.5 mm design