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Light grid LGM17

  • Measuring automation light grid with switching output
  • Optical resolution 17 mm
  • Super-fast object detection, even with 3-way beam crossover
  • Object identification using integrated object recognition
  • IO-Link interface for service and process data
  • Temperature range to -30 °C
  • Output of a measured value, can be selected from a number of measuring functions

Please note: All product-related documents, such as certificates, declarations of conformity, etc., which were issued prior to the conversion under the name Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH or Pepperl+Fuchs AG, also apply to Pepperl+Fuchs SE.

Download the complete datasheet as a PDF:

Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  LGM17

Product Description
Measuring automation light grid with beam spacing of 17 mm, IO-Link interface, push-pull output, fixed cable with M12 plug
General specifications
Effective detection rangeStandard : 0.3 ... 6 m
Threshold detection range7.5 m
Light sourceIRED
Light typemodulated infrared light , 850 nm
Field heightsee Table 1, max. 3200 mm
Beam crossoverFactory setting: three beam crossing, deactivateable
Beam blankingadjustable max. 2 fixed suppressible beam areas (blanking)
Beam spacing16.67 mm
Number of beamssee Table 1, max. 193
Operating modeEmitter: Emitter power adjustable in two ranges
Optical resolutionwithout beam crossover: 17 mm
with beam crossover: 8.5 mm with in 25%  and  75% of the range
Opening angle10 °
Ambient light limit> 50000 Lux (if external light source is outside the opening angle)
Functional safety related parameters
MTTFd25 a
Mission Time (TM)20 a
Diagnostic Coverage (DC)60 %
Indicators/operating means
Operation indicatorLED green:
constantly on - power-on
double pulse flashing (0.8 Hz) - undervoltage
flashing (4 Hz) - short circuit
flashing with short break (1 Hz) - IO-Link mode
Status indicatorEmitter: LED yellow
constantly on - high emitter power
constantly off - low emitter power
flashing (8 Hz) - error message
Receiver: LED yellow:
constantly on - object detected
constantly off - no object detected
flashing (4 Hz) - below stability control limit
flashing (8 Hz) - error message
Control elementsReceiver: 2 touch buttons for programming
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage18 ... 30 V DC
Ripple10 %
No-load supply currentEmitter ≤: 50 mA
Receiver: ≤ 150 mA (without outputs)
Time delay before availabilitysee Table 1, max. 3 s
Interface typeIO-Link ( pin 4 )
IO-Link revision1.0
Device ID1050369 ... 1050400 ( 0x100701 ... 0x100720 )
COM-ModeCOM2 (38.4 kBit/s)
Min. cycle time2.3 ms
Process data width16 bit
SIO mode supportyes
Test inputEmitter switch-off with +UB or 0 V at pin 4 (emitter)
Function inputRange input activation from 1.6 m with +UB or 0 V on pin 2 (emitter)
Teach-In input for parameterization on pin 8 (receiver)
Stability alarm outputStability Control (SC) 1 PNP, short-circuit protected, reverse polarity protected on pin 2 (receiver)
Switching typeFactory setting: dark on , Switchable to light-on mode
Signal outputCommand interface: Pin 4 IO-Link interface C or used as switching output Q; 1 short-circuit proof reverse polarity protected push-pull output (receiver)
Switch output: Pin 5 switching output Q; 1 short-circuit proof reverse polarity protected push-pull output (receiver) synchronized with pin 4
Switching thresholdFactory setting: The signal tracking for the threshold value is deactivated, increasing the optical resolution by a maximum of 4 mm; switchable to active signal tracking
Switching voltagemax. 30 V DC
Switching currentmax. 100 mA
Voltage drop≤ 2 V DC
Switching frequencysee Table 1, max. 129 Hz
Response timesee Table 1, max. 16 ms
Timer functionOff-delay programmable from 0 ... 1.25 s in 5 ms steps (adjustment via IO-Link only)
Communication interfaceIEC 61131-9
Product standardEN 60947-5-2
Approvals and certificates
Protection classIII ( IEC 61140 )
UL approvalcULus Listed
CCC approvalCCC approval / marking not required for products rated ≤36 V
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature-30 ... 60 °C (-22 ... 140 °F)
Storage temperature-30 ... 70 °C (-22 ... 158 °F)
Mechanical specifications
Conductor cross sectionmin. 0.25 mm2
Housing length Lsee Table 1, max. 3360 mm
Degree of protectionIP67
ConnectionEmitter: connecting cable with 4-pin, M12 x 1 connector , 330 mm total length
Receiver: connecting cable with 8-pin, M12 x 1 connector , 350 mm total length
Housingextruded aluminum section , Silver anodized
Optical facePlastic pane , Polycarbonate
Masssee Table 1, max. 1750 g (per profile)
Width20 mm
Depth30.5 mm
Cable lengthmax. 30 m


ECLASS 13.027270910
ECLASS 12.027270910
ECLASS 11.027270910
ECLASS 10.0.127270910
ECLASS 9.027270910
ECLASS 8.027270910
ECLASS 5.127270910
ETIM 9.0EC002549
ETIM 8.0EC002549
ETIM 7.0EC002549
ETIM 6.0EC002549
ETIM 5.0EC002549
UNSPSC 12.139121528

Details: LGM17


Automation light grids in the LGM Series are designed to measure small to large objects. The slimline light grids are modular in design and are available with various beam gaps and field heights. The entire signal evaluation process is carried out within the device. The lightweight systems can be integrated elegantly into their surroundings, from both a technical and a visual perspective. As a result, machines and plants operating in temperature ranges between -30 °C ... +60 °C can be designed to more compact dimensions.

Informative Literature: LGM17

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LiteratureLanguageFile TypeFile Size
Brochure - Automation Light Grids: LGS and LGM SeriesENGPDF1965 KB

Product Documentation: LGM17

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Product informationLanguageFile TypeFile Size
Installation and user instructions for offline parameterization of IO-Link sensorsENGPDF1788 KB
Brief Instructions
Brief Instructions - LGM seriesENGPDF1759 KB
Manual Measuring Automation Light Grid LGMENGPDF6975 KB

Design / Simulation: LGM17

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CADLanguageFile TypeFile Size
3-D model, 100 mm / 3-D-Modell, 100 mmALLSTP3937 KB
3-D model, 1000 mm / 3-D-Modell, 1000 mmALLSTP1801 KB
3-D model, 1100 mm / 3-D-Modell, 1100 mmALLSTP1808 KB
3-D model, 1200 mm / 3-D-Modell, 1200 mmALLSTP1815 KB
3-D model, 1300 mm / 3-D-Modell, 1300 mmALLSTP1799 KB
3-D model, 1400 mm / 3-D-Modell, 1400 mmALLSTP1799 KB
3-D model, 1500 mm / 3-D-Modell, 1500 mmALLSTP1788 KB
3-D model, 1600 mm / 3-D-Modell, 1600 mmALLSTP1787 KB
3-D model, 1700 mm / 3-D-Modell, 1700 mmALLSTP1785 KB
3-D model, 1800 mm / 3-D-Modell, 1800 mmALLSTP1771 KB
3-D model, 1900 mm / 3-D-Modell, 1900 mmALLSTP1666 KB
3-D model, 200 mm / 3-D-Modell, 200 mmALLSTP1779 KB
3-D model, 2000 mm / 3-D-Modell, 2000 mmALLSTP1767 KB
3-D model, 2100 mm / 3-D-Modell, 2100 mmALLSTP1769 KB
3-D model, 2200 mm / 3-D-Modell, 2200 mmALLSTP1768 KB
3-D model, 2300 mm / 3-D-Modell, 2300 mmALLSTP2881 KB
3-D model, 2400 mm / 3-D-Modell, 2400 mmALLSTP1760 KB
3-D model, 2500 mm / 3-D-Modell, 2500 mmALLSTP1756 KB
3-D model, 2600 mm / 3-D-Modell, 2600 mmALLSTP1756 KB
3-D model, 2700 mm / 3-D-Modell, 2700 mmALLSTP1756 KB
3-D model, 2800 mm / 3-D-Modell, 2800 mmALLSTP2867 KB
3-D model, 2900 mm / 3-D-Modell, 2900 mmALLSTP2885 KB
3-D model, 300 mm / 3-D-Modell, 300 mmALLSTP1787 KB
3-D model, 3000 mm / 3-D-Modell, 3000 mmALLSTP1755 KB
3-D model, 3100 mm / 3-D-Modell, 3100 mmALLSTP1731 KB
3-D model, 3200 mm / 3-D-Modell, 3200 mmALLSTP1733 KB
3-D model, 400 mm / 3-D-Modell, 400 mmALLSTP3278 KB
3-D model, 500 mm / 3-D-Modell, 500 mmALLSTP1784 KB
3-D model, 600 mm / 3-D-Modell, 600 mmALLSTP1781 KB
3-D model, 700 mm / 3-D-Modell, 700 mmALLSTP1782 KB
3-D model, 800 mm / 3-D-Modell, 800 mmALLSTP1782 KB
3-D model, 900 mm / 3-D-Modell, 900 mmALLSTP1791 KB
CAD Portal / CAD PortalALLLINK---

Approvals: LGM17

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CertificatesCertificate No.LanguageFile TypeFile Size
Canada USA UL Ordinary LocationE87056ALLLINK---
Canada USA UL Ordinary LocationUL-CA-2134531-0 / UL-US-2141152-0ALLPDF544 KB
IO-Link Manufacturer DeclarationPF 13 CERT 2915ALLPDF36 KB
Declaration of Conformity
EU Declaration of Conformity (P+F) / EU-Konformitäterklärung (P+F)DOC-0227BALLPDF184 KB
EU Declaration of Conformity (P+F) / EU-Konformitäterklärung (P+F)DOC-0227CALLPDF304 KB
UK Declaration of Conformity (P+F) / UK-Konformitäterklärung (P+F)DOC-5336ALLPDF228 KB

Software: LGM17

Language Selection:
Device Description Files/DriversRelease InfoFile TypeFile Size
IODD for LGM series / IODD für LGM SerieV1.01.000 / 2018-08-15ZIP2631 KB
Device DTM for LGM IO-Link sensors / Geräte-DTM für LGM IO-Link SensorenV1.0.2.5ZIP3905 KB
Software Tools
IO-Link Offline Parameterization Tool / IO-Link Offline-ParametriertoolV1.00.006 / 2022-07-10ZIP96138 KB

Associated Products: LGM17


Female cordset single-ended M12 straight A-coded, 4-pin, PUR cable black, UL approved, drag chain suitable, torsion resistantfa

Female cordset single-ended M12 straight A-coded, 4-pin, PUR cable black, UL approved, drag chain suitable, torsion resistantfa

EtherNet/IP IO-Link master with 8 inputs/outputsfa

PROFINET IO IO-Link master with 8 inputs/outputsfa
Double-ended cordset, M12 to M12, with EMC filter, 8-pin, PVC cablefa
Quick clamp and adjustment systemfa
Swivel Bracketfa
Attachment aid for light grid series LGS/LGMfa
Mounting bracket including adjustmentfa
Mounting bracket including adjustment (with loose bearing)fa
Mounting bracket including adjustmentfa
Profile alignment aid; simplified alignment of the SLCS and SLCT safety light curtainsfa
Female cordset single-ended M12 straight A-coded, 4-pin, PUR cable black, UL approved, drag chain suitable, torsion resistantfa
Female cordset single-ended M12 straight A-coded, 4-pin, PUR cable black, UL approved, drag chain suitable, torsion resistantfa
Female cordset, M12, 8-pin, PUR-cablefa
Female cordset, M12, 8-pin, PUR-cablefa
Female cordset, M12, 8-pin, PUR-cablefa
Cordset M12 socket straight A-coded 8-pin to M12 plug straight A-coded 4-pin, PUR cable black, UL approved, drag chain suitable, torsion resistantfa
Universal DTM host platform, For all DTMs of Pepperl+Fuchs, Approved FDT/DTM technology, Free of charge, Internet download possiblepa
Cordset, LGS25 light grids to ICE modules/WIS 2, M12 to M12, PUR cable, 4-pinfa
Ethernet IO-Link module with 8 inputs/outputsfa
Ethernet IO-Link module with 8 inputs/outputsfa
EtherNet/IP IO-Link master with 8 inputs/outputs, DIN rail, push-in connectorsfa
EtherNet/IP IO-Link master with 8 inputs/outputs, DIN rail, screw terminalfa
PROFINET IO IO-Link master with 8 inputs/outputs, DIN rail, push-in terminalsfa
PROFINET IO IO-Link master with 8 inputs/outputs, DIN rail, screw terminalfa
IO-Link master, supply via USB port or separate power supply, LED indicators, M12 plug for sensor connectionfa