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Laser Profile Sensors with SmartRunner Technology

They create space for completely new application possibilities: The sensors of the SmartRunner family combine the powerful laser light section method with 2-D vision technology in just one device and therefore master all tasks in the field of profile detection and inspection. The laser profile sensors are each optimized for a specific application area—the “Matcher” stands for reliable profile comparisons, the “Detector” for precise area monitoring and the “Explorer” for height profile output.

Get to know the sensors of the SmartRunner product family and find the right laser profile sensor for your individual application!

Applications and Areas of Use

A sensor for every application: With the laser light section technology, the sensors of the SmartRunner series master numerous tasks in the field of industrial vision:

2-D Profile Detection in X and Z Axis Height profile detection on a laser line
2-D Profile Detection in X and Z Axis
Height profile detection on a laser line
Presence Check  Check for the presence of objects
Presence Check 
Check for the presence of objects
Completeness Check Check for correct number of objects
Completeness Check
Check for correct number of objects
Shape Detection Shape matching with reference profile or contour
Shape Detection
Shape matching with reference profile or contour
Positioning  Position check of objects and output of position data
Position check of objects and output of position data
Space Monitoring Monitoring of areas
Space Monitoring
Monitoring of areas
Measurement Dimensioning of objects and output of measurement data
Dimensioning of objects and output of measurement data











The Innovative SmartRunner Technology

Laser Light Section Technology: Precise and Reliable
The laser light section technology stands for maximum precision and reliability—regardless of the color and surface properties of the objects to be detected. It is based on a laser line that is aligned with the object. The camera detects the wavelength of the laser line and uses this information to map the height profile of the object. Due to the downward-offset position of the camera, the exact height profile can then be calculated using the triangulation principle and output in world coordinates. This method is ideal for detecting, monitoring and measuring even the smallest objects.
Reliable Profile Detection—even on Reflective Surfaces
The advantages of laser light section technology over typical vision sensors are particularly evident in difficult environmental conditions. Even with low-contrast objects, such as metal on metal or single-color plastics, no external lighting is required. Neither surfaces or colors nor ambient light have any influence on the measurement result.
2-D Vision Sensor Integrated
The integrated vision camera makes is possible to record images with a laser profile sensor, for example, to document process conditions or quality characteristics. The recording of error images saves the user walking distances from the control station to the plant and enables easy inspection of machine areas that are difficult to access. The powerful LEDs always provide excellent, well-lit images.
Compact Design with Maximum Performance
The small housing of 55 × 38 × 85 mm (L × W × H) allows easy mechanical integration, even in confined installation conditions. By using a deviation mirror, a virtual base length extension is realized, which makes the laser profile especially compact. The swiveling connection simplifies installation, while the sensor’s outstanding performance is permanently convincing.


SmartRunnerは、全く新しい検出タスクのアプリケーション向けのテクノロジーです。先進的な設計を効率的に進めることが可能になるでしょう。SmartRunner製品ファミリー:SmartRunner DetectorSmartRunner Matcherをお勧めします。

SmartRunner Explorer

The Specialist for Height Profile Output

SmartRunner Explorer

The SmartRunner Explorer offers the unique combination of height profile and 2-D image output in one compact sensor. Using laser light section technology, the sensor reliably detects the height profile of an object—regardless of the surface and lighting conditions. It then provides the raw data of the height profile so that the user can process it individually. As a unique feature, the SmartRunner Explorer additionally outputs 2-D surface images, simplifying diagnosis and documentation of line data.

The laser profile sensor can be easily integrated into PC programs via Ethernet TCP/IP and the included DLL for C#, enabling the individual implementation of applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Measurement and volume detection
  • Quality control
  • Individual applications by using raw data

SmartRunner Matcher

The Specialist for Profile Matching

SmartRunner Matcher

The SmartRunner Matcher ensures reliable profile comparisons at all times, regardless of surface condition, lighting or ambient light—even with particularly low-contrast objects. To do this, the sensor verifies the detected profile, the correct position and the optimum distance of an object and compares the detected profile with the previously taught reference profile via trigger. The integrated evaluation unit is programmed to report deviations from the reference profile, so that the sensor outputs a “good” or “bad” signal depending on whether the profiles are identical or different.

The sensor can be commissioned quickly and easily: via the Vision Configurator, by DataMatrix control code or by guided operation and parameterization with the software wizard, which enables step-by-step configuration without a manual. In addition, the user can freely define the object and displacement tolerances and output position data separately. The SmartRunner Matcher therefore offers the optimal solution for robust and cost-efficient presence, completeness and position detection of components.

Typical Applications:

  • Detection of small parts such as rivets, screws, and clamps
  • Completeness checks for pens, pills, etc.
  • Position testing and output for boxes, pallets, and other objects

SmartRunner Detector

The Specialist for High-Precision Monitoring

SmartRunner Detector

The SmartRunner Detector offers the optimal solution for high-precision monitoring tasks. Whether highly reflective, transparent or absorbent surfaces—due to the additional background evaluation, the sensor reliably detects even objects that are not recognizable at first glance. The sensor responds immediately to interfering objects in the detection range due to the interrupted background line, therefore ensuring the user absolute process reliablility.

The SmartRunner Detector can be easily parameterized via DataMatrix control codes, via the parameterization software or via plug-and-play. The laser line just only has to be aligned to a fixed background such as a wall and taught in. Alternatively, teach-in can also be performed via keystroke or via the parameterization software in an empty room. In addition, the SmartRunner Detector offers the option of freely defining object sizes in a specific monitoring area, the so-called region of interest (ROI), in order to avoid false alarms caused by external influences.

Typical Applications:

  • Area monitoring for the protection of sensitive machine parts
  • Inspection of overlapping components for quality control
  • Access monitoring