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Several hundred products with a SIL/PL assessment, free tools, and brochures in one place: the "Functional Safety Hub" is your starting point when you have to implement safety functions.

Functional Safety for Your Applications

Technical equipment can pose a safety risk so dangerous that people should not be exposed to the equipment. In such cases, the relevant risks must be reduced to meet the need for safe operation.

As the market leaders for electrical functional safety components, Pepperl+Fuchs helps you fulfill the necessary standards. Whether you are looking for a SIL 3 rated interface module or a PL e rated sensor: our comprehensive portfolio holds the answer. 

What's more: we not only supply you with components and solutions, but additional tools and knowledge on functional safety. On this webpage, download SISTEMA libraries, read an interesting interview with our in-house functional safety experts, or get your free digital company of our "Compendium Functional Safety". This 50 pages document gives you valuable information and insights for your daily work.

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Safety Products from Pepperl+Fuchs

An assessment of a safety relevant system is performed easier if the risk of failure of the relevant components is already known. For that purpose, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a large number of products with a SIL/PL assessment.

On this site, choose from various selection criteria like safety integrity level, performance level, device function, and signal type to quickly find the SIL/PL assessed device that you are looking for.

Industry-Moving Innovations

Safety Relays
Safety Relays with Integrated Diagnostics and LFT

With triple redundant switching contacts, the interface module from the tried-and-tested K-System provides reliable and safety-related activation and deactivation for applications in accordance with IEC61508 up to SIL 3.

safePXV and safePGV—SIL 3/PL e Absolute Positioning Systems

Based on a multi-redundant technology, these award-winning systems enable safe absolute positioning according to SIL 3/PL e with one single sensor for the first time. safePXV offers the perfect solution for linear absolute positioning, safePGV for reliable navigation of automated guided vehicles.

Literature and Tools

Download the Functional Safety Compendium!

Download the Functional Safety Compendium Now!

In our downloadable compendium on functional safety, we clarify the concepts and definitions that are necessary to reduce risks to a tolerable level. The compendium explains the specific standards and definitions of hazards and methods of risk analysis.

Learn how you can successfully implement safety equipment and follow us through a hands-on case study using a simplified example for an overfill prevention system. The compendium is rounded out by a glossary and list of abbreviations that helps you to quickly reference safety terminology whenever you need it.

Get to Know the Experts

Functional Safety Experts Interview

Extensive in-house expertise has been vital to Pepperl+Fuchs leadership in functional safety components. In this interview in our digital magazine "amplify", Head of Functional Safety Michael Kindermann, Functional Safety Manager Hasan Sülük, and Manager of Training and Committee Work Dr. Andreas Hildebrandt discuss their day-to-day work, the current standards with which their products must comply, and methods for transferring knowledge.

Read the interview

With its annual SIL clinic, Pepperl+Fuchs hosts an event that is appreciated by speakers and participants alike. Get an impression of the tenth edition and what makes the SIL clinic so special.