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Smart-Ex® 03: High Performance 5G Smartphone for Hazardous Areas

Smart, safe, powerful: The new 5G smartphone Smart-Ex® 03 takes the digitalization of processes in hazardous areas to the next level. With the combined expertise of our Pepperl+Fuchs subsidiaries ECOM Instruments GmbH and Aava Mobile, specializing in mobile computing and telecommunications technology, we offer end-to-end, European in-house product development.

Equipped with 5G and Wi-Fi® 6, the Smart-Ex 03 sets new standards for flexible deployment in public and private networks of mobile network providers or the companies themselves. This provides users at company locations around the globe with state-of-the-art communication and collaboration capabilities through fast and secure transmission of large volumes of data: from remote support to video conferencing, digital radio communications with minimal latency via push-to-talk (PTT), and combination with an extensive range of peripherals.

Innovative monitoring of the smartphone's device status and an intelligent battery concept ensure smooth operation and rapid problem resolution.

The convenient operation as well as Android 13 and Android Enterprise Recommended put the user benefit in the foreground.

The Smart-Ex 03: 100% Pepperl+Fuchs and 100% investment protection for a compelling user experience. Make your processes smart!

Highlights of the Smart-Ex® 03

Full transparency and safety: Complete European in-house development
Reliable partnership: Secure supply chain and fast delivery directly from stock through bundled competencies within the Pepperl+Fuchs Group
Global service and support: International sales specialists and application engineers in over 80 countries, combined with innovative solutions and service concepts, and a three-year service contract
High performance: 5G functionality and Qualcomm processor provide security and reliability
Convenient operation in the field: User-friendly product and interface design for an exceptional user experience
Network flexibility and operator compatibility: Broad range of wireless carrier certifications and network approvals for global deployment
Investment and IT security: Android Enterprise Recommended certification guarantees Android security patches and upgrade options
Assured uptime: Intelligent battery concept with monitoring of operating status enables condition monitoring and predictive fault detection
Improved business processes: Tailored to the wide range of software applications and application fields such as communication, digital workflows and work order management, operational safety, or augmented reality


Full Transparency

From the platform to the product, the Smart-Ex 03 is a complete European in-house development. It combines the expertise of the Pepperl+Fuchs Group and its subsidiaries ecom instruments and Aava Mobile, which specialize in mobile computing and communications.

Global Service and Support

International sales experts and application engineers in over 80 countries are available to provide advice and support for your specific application. For this purpose, Pepperl+Fuchs offers special customer-friendly service contracts.

High-Performance Devices

Equipped with 5G technology, the intrinsically safe smartphone creates high data throughput with low latency. At the same time, it can be used to precisely locate objects at field level. The 5G smartphone also enables the use of corporate campus networks, making companies self-sufficient and providing them with additional protection so that sensitive data does not leak out.

Convenient Operation in the Field

With its user-friendly product and interface design, the Smart-Ex 03 creates an exceptional user experience. The 5G smartphone is lightweight, well balanced, and at the same time comfortable to use.

Get a Glimpse: Use Cases of the Smart-Ex® 03

Seamless and effective troubleshooting in process plants: Industrial communication depends on reliable data transmission from the field to the control level. The mobile worker receives an error message via Ethernet APL on the 5G Smart-Ex 03 smartphone. Using unique identifiers, they can check which component sent the error message and gain access to valuable data from the field device. A management system thereby enables asset management and spare parts ordering from anywhere in the field.

Digital work order management: The Smart-Ex 03 enables the digitalization of various business processes, such as work order management for planning and prioritizing work orders. In this process, the mobile worker receives work orders on their smartphone, each of which contains a list of work steps that must be completed in order to fulfill the order. This allows companies to guide their mobile workers through the entire work order process. In this way, digital work order management maximizes worker efficiency and simplifies the repair or maintenance of equipment in plants.

Push-to-talk group call: The Smart-Ex 03 enables encrypted, and therefore secure, push-to-talk group calls with multiple people at different locations over 5G. This communication feature enables remote support of mobile workers and helps complete service and maintenance tasks in the field.

5G Keyvisual

5G for High Performance

Equipped with 5G, the Smart-Ex 03 offers the highest security and reliability for users. The powerful 5G technology creates high data throughput with low latency. At the same time, it ensures precise localization of objects in the field. This makes the intrinsically safe Smart-Ex 03 ideally suited for use in maintenance and servicing work.

The 5G smartphone can also be used to access the company's own particularly secure campus networks. These make companies self-sufficient and offer them additional protection so that sensitive data cannot leak out

Productos y servicios digitales

Nuestros productos y servicios digitales constituyen una solución que combina la configuración automatizada con la gestión de dispositivos móviles y el análisis de dispositivos. También se pueden implementar a modo de sistema integral de gestión de movilidad empresarial, si así lo desea.

A petición del cliente, los dispositivos móviles de ecom pueden salir de fábrica con configuraciones personalizadas predefinidas, que incluyen ajustes de seguridad, aplicaciones y configuración inalámbrica. De esta manera, los dispositivos pueden implementarse en cualquier parte del mundo inmediatamente después de su entrega. Los dispositivos pueden gestionarse a través de la plataforma en línea de ecom y actualizarse a distancia en cualquier momento durante el funcionamiento, sin necesidad de intervención del personal de TI local o de la oficina central.

Además, la plataforma analiza datos históricos para identificar eventos críticos de software, instalaciones y otros procesos decisivos para la seguridad. Se puede utilizar una acumulación estadística de eventos para establecer causas y correlaciones, por ejemplo, entre los errores de software, los datos geográficos y la cobertura Wi-Fi.


Vea el vídeo para obtener más información sobre el servicio listo para usar que garantiza calidad y seguridad para todos los dispositivos.


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