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Setting up Advanced Diagnostics

DCS Integration Simplified

Advanced Diagnostics offers choices for higher level system integration via:

  • FF-H1 node
  • Ethernet with OPC interface
  • Voltage free contact

FF-H1 node integration

This feature allows for up to 16 Advanced Diagnostic Modules to be integrated as one FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 node. All data and functionality of the diagnostic manager can be accessed via the FF-H1 node such as:

  • Commissioning wizard
  • Diagnostic displays
  • Expert system for fault finding and troubleshooting
  • History manager with spreadsheet export
  • Report manager
  • Oscilloscope

Updates to the FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 protocol definitions and of the EDDL-Standard made this addition to Advanced Diagnostics possible.

Ethernet interface

Advanced Diagnostics with Ethernet interface
Advanced Diagnostics with Ethernet interface

Our original concept for seamless and convenient data integration happens via Ethernet and OPC interfaces. Tight integration into the Plant Asset Management (PAM) is available with most DCS. This allows a view of each segment as part of the plant infrastructure rather than a monitoring instrument and its channel.

Information presents itself as “per segment” and device. The fieldbus segments and installation are tagged and easily identified with their tags as manageable assets.  Configuration wizards read the setup data of the DCS and the PAM and add segment and device information to the respective infrastructure view of the PAM. The fieldbus segment becomes the manageable asset.

The setup is simple and self-configuring reducing engineering work. The FieldConnex® Advanced Diagnostic Gateway gathers information from the ADMs and converts it to Ethernet. The Diagnostic Manager identifies all ADMs automatically and configures itself. Utilities assist this through:

  • Readout of data and tags from the DCS system
  • Configuration of ADMs based on DCS system data
  • Write of segment related information into the DCS system
  • Integration of the visual interface into the DCS environment

The activities are supported through wizards guiding the process with step by step instructions.

DTM or EDDL selectable

FieldConnex® Advanced Diagnostics support both technologies. Enhancements in EDDL technology enabled implementation of the ADMs sophisticated architecture via EDDL. This allows us to offer integration into practically any DCS system. Your Pepperl+Fuchs representative can tell you which method is best for your application.

The basics - voltage free contact

The minimum information that the ADM provides is a voltage-free contact. The ADM operates the contact located in the FieldConnex Power Hub. This form should be chosen in conjunction with the Advanced Diagnostic Module with relay output (HD2-DM-A.RO).

The physical layer of Advanced Diagnostics system integration

The gateway collects information from summary alarm contacts and diagnostic bus of up to 62 ADMs