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Download the Compendium on Functional Safety Register

Download our free PDF compendium on functional safety in process industries and learn more about the specific standards and methods of risk reduction. We also show you how to implement safety equipment and provide you with a helpful glossary for your daily work.

Digitalization in Kanban-Based Value Chains Register

Get an exclusive white paper on the benefits of completely digitalized Kanban-based value chains. This free PDF document explains basic Kanban workflows, highlights optimization potential, and explores the topic of cloud integration and the associated security considerations.

EC_NP_EPV_Vent_Whitepaper_200px Download Now

All purging and pressurization systems require a pressure relief vent as dictated by the standards for this protection method. This technical white paper will explain why an enclosure protection vent is required and how to select the proper vent from the numerous options available.

TCP-Based Communication Protocols as Enabling Technologies for IIoT Register

All around us we hear buzzwords like Industry 4.0, IIoT, smart factories and smart devices. The core concept of this new technological era is the connectivity of every single device. Our white paper explains essential terms in the context of TCP-based communication.

EC_NP_Whitepaper_Functional_Safety_FA_140px Register

Whenever a machine is to be offered on the market in the European Union, the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC applies. But which standard is relevant for my application and what must be observed in detail? Get an overview of the current legal and standard situation and find out, based on an example, which steps have to be taken on the way to a safe machine.

EC_NP_20190430_Technology_Guide_Double_Material_Detection Register

Out technology guides not only explain technical principles: They will also help you select the ideal ultrasonic sensor for your applications and get the most out of your device—whether for standard use cases or double material detection tasks.

Ex Knowledge

Please note: Specific documents containing knowledge and in-depth information on explosion protection can be found in our "Ex Knowledge" section.