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Bebco EPS® Purge+Pressurization from Pepperl+Fuchs enables you to easily use standard electrical equipment inside an enclosure in hazardous areas. A system consists of a control unit, vent, valve or manifold, and an enclosure. Learn more about these components and their functions:

Control Unit

As the main component in a purge and pressurization system, the control unit provides essential functions to operate the purge and pressurization of the enclosure. For our Bebco EPS automatic solutions, these functions contain automatic monitoring and control of purging, temperature, leakage, alarming, and system power. When preferring the economic solution, our Bebco EPS manual systems provide proven purge and pressurize protection using a straightforward needle valve, regulator, and pressure gauge.


Our Bebco EPS purge+pressurization system‘s vent is gravity controlled and works based on the mechanical movement of springs in response to the pressure inside of the enclosure. The vent functions as a simple pressure-relief device that allows gas to exit the enclosure when the breaking pressure of the vent is reached. We offer the only vent in the industry that digitally monitors the flow rate and uses the flow rate values to automatically calculate the purge time.

Valve or Manifold

A purge+pressurization system's valve or manifold controls the flow of air or protective gas to the enclosure by setting a safe reading on the enclosure pressure gauge via a needle valve. On our manual systems, the purge flow rate is controlled by the rapid exchange valve. Our automatic systems allow the use of a manifold to control purging flow, pressurization flow, and cooling flow. Additionally, the manifold on our automatic systems can automatically compensate for pressure loss due to leakage or temperature fluctuations to avoid nuisance trips.


The enclosure houses the components that are to be protected by the purge and pressurization system. Enclosure volumes are possible up to 450 ft³. From Pepperl+Fuchs‘ Bebco EPS purge+pressurization portfolio, you can protect a single enclosure or multiple enclosures using one purge and pressurization system with interconnecting pipe or tubing.


Each purge and pressurization system has optional accessories that can be ordered with the unit. These accessories can include mounting kits, mounting hardware, mounting brackets, bulkhead connections, tubbing, filters/regulators, temperature monitoring/control components, cable glands, conduit plugs, termination boards, and atmospheric reference kits. Please reference the manual to determine what accessories are offered with each system.


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