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Physically, the basic circuits of a sensor can fundamentally be constructed with two, three, or four wires. There is some basic information to be considered when connecting these sensors.

Basic Information: Connecting Multiple Sensors by Type of Output

Magnetic field sensors can be connected in parallel to other mechanical or electronic switches. The following must be observed.

Parallel Connection of Multiple Sensors

3-Wire Sensors

In principle, magnetic field sensors in three-wire technology can be connected in parallel to mechanical switches or other sensor outputs. One exception is sensors with push-pull output. This type of sensor cannot be connected in parallel, either to sensors or to mechanical switches.

Series Connection of Multiple Sensors

3-Wire Sensors

Due to the time delay before availability of the individual sensors, the reaction time will increase when 3-wire sensors are connected in series. In addition, the supply voltage of downstream sensors is always lower due to the voltage drop at the sensor output stages when 3-wire sensors are connected in series. The series connection of a single 3-wire sensor to one or more mechanical contacts is not critical.

Note: We recommend that magnetic field sensors are not connected in series. The interconnection of multiple sensors via logic modules is preferable in terms of predictable behavior and reliable function.

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