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Segment Coupler and Power Supplies

The similarity of PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA inspired Pepperl+Fuchs developers to create transparent segment couplers.

Segment couplers are configuration free and transparent: The segment coupler will “display” all devices connected to the PA network as if they were DP field devices. The communication speed on the PA side is independent of the DP side. All PA devices are configured on Master Class I and Class II as DP instrumentation. PA devices only “see” the PA master of the segment coupler, which simulates the DP Master.

Data telegrams and power supply are transmitted via the same cable to the field device. The power supply components of the segment coupler put the power on the cable. They are certified for Zone 2 installation. Different voltages and supply current levels up to 500 mA give you the choice of explosion protection applicable:

  • High-Power Trunk
  • Entity

Pepperl+Fuchs segment couplers always feature passive impedance generation. This impedance prevents the fieldbus signal from being short circuited by the low internal resistance of the power supply. The passive design uses resistors and inductances providing dependability and availability for your application.

Power Hub versions of the segment coupler are based on motherboards – with optional redundancy for both the power module and the gateway components. They connect up to four independent segments to one DP-Master. The basic models couple single PA segments to DP and provide power to the segment. All components are hosted in one small housing.