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Service Level Agreements for ecom instruments

Benefit from our comprehensive service package

To provide the highest level of safety possible in your work envinronment, we ensure the very best quality in development, production, and service of our intrinsically safe mobile devices.

Our comprehensive service package is designed for several ecom instruments products, a Pepperl+Fuchs brand. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) allows you to benefit from predetermined costs and personalized services, such as:

  • Transparent total cost of ownership
  • No unplanned repair bills or service fees—these are built into your SLA package
  • No delays or internal costs due to generating additional purchase orders to cover repair work

For more details, please download our current Service Level Agreement.

Service Level Agreement—Your Service Package

  • Download the Service Package Now! 

    This SLA is valid for:
    - Tab-Ex® 02 DZ1; 02 DZ2; Tab-Ex® 01 DZ1; 01 DZ2
    - Smart-Ex® 02 DZ 1/21; 02 DZ 2/22; 02 Rugged; Smart-Ex® 01 DZ 1/21; 01 DZ 2/22; 01 Rugged
    - Ex-Handy 10 Z1/21; 10 Z 2/22; 10 Rugged
    - Smart-Ex® Watch 01
    - RSM-Ex 01
    - CUBE 800
    - Pad-Ex 01
    - Ident-Ex® 01
    - Loc-Ex® 01