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Predelivery Configuration of Mobile Devices

The Application

New mobile hardware must be configured and set up before it is ready to use. This can often be time-consuming, even when a mobile device management system (MDM) is used. In addition, integrating devices into an existing MDM can be difficult due to incompatibility with third-party functions and/or apps.

The Goal

The period between device delivery and first use by an employee must be as short as possible. Before devices are ready for use, they must be equipped with necessary apps and connection data and integrated into the MDM system, if available.

The Solution

The Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom offers its customers a predelivery configuration/staging service so mobile devices can be used immediately upon delivery. Customers must simply define default settings within Custom Service Load (eCSL), ecom’s online tool. Afterward, all necessary apps are installed on the devices and all settings are made based on the customer default. Even Wi-Fi connections are set up. This makes rollout processes shorter and more efficient. The devices can also be integrated into existing MDMs prior to delivery. This allows companies to use their preferred system without having to purchase a new MDM to manage their devices. ecom experts will solve possible compatibility issues before the rollout starts.

The Benefits

The preconfiguration of mobile devices saves time and resources. All necessary configurations can be selected online and imported to ecom mobile devices at the factory. Thus, every device can be used immediately upon delivery. Data security is always guaranteed―even ecom super administrators can only access the data if explicitly authorized by a company administrator. Error-prone manual steps are minimized, ensuring uniform device quality from the start.

At a Glance

  • Mobile devices from the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom can be configured online prior to delivery
  • Integration into existing MDMs is possible
  • Devices are delivered ready-to-use
  • Staging service saves both time and valuable resources


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