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Precise, Robust and Highly Dynamic – Magnetic Rotary Encoders Used in Filling Plants


ENA58IL Series Magnetic Rotary Encoders
ENA58IL – get to know the new benchmark for industry standard rotary encoders!

In modern filling plants, up to 90,000 bottles per hour can be filled with liquids. In order to avoid expensive mistakes during the filling process, the bottles have to be placed exactly under the filling nozzles. For the first time, this task can be solved with magnetic rotary encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs. The powerful new ENA58IL series not only meet requirements for accuracy and resolution, but also offer another decisive advantage – their extremely robust design. Even under challenging conditions, the ENA58IL series magnetic rotary encoders deliver precise positioning data in high dynamic processes.

Robust rotary encoder technology

Harsh environmental conditions call out for magnetic encoders which are more resistant to influences due to their robust design”, explains Stefan Horvatic, Head of Product Management at Pepperl+Fuchs Drehgeber GmbH. The powerful magnetic field technology, for the first time, combines a Hall sensor and a Wiegand sensor—achieving a high signal quality and extreme robustness.

Data security for reliable production processes

With each axis rotation, the magnetic absolute rotary encoders generate a change in the magnetic field direction. The resulting induced voltage supplies the encoder with self-generated energy. Even in the event of a power failure, the exact measuring value is available, ensuring complete data security. Additionally, an internal battery is no longer necessary, while maintenance and service work is reduced.

Fast, accurate and wear-free

The ENA58IL series magnetic rotary encoders achieve an accuracy of <0.1° and are particularly suitable to deliver position data for the precise positioning of the bottles. Compared to previously available magnetic rotary encoders, cycle times are drastically reduced. "Thanks to the quick processing, the magnetic rotary encoders are the ideal solution for high-speed applications such as in filling plants," comments Stefan Horvatic. The wear-free sensors are particularly suitable for the high standards in the food and beverage industry.

ENA58IL series magnetic rotary encoders are the ideal solution for high-speed applications such as in filling plants.

Wide range of interfaces and applications

The magnetic rotary encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs withstand temperatures from –40 °C to +85 °C, and the sensors are shock and vibration-resistant. These robust encoders work reliably in difficult ambient conditions like dust, dirt, vibrations, or extreme temperatures. Interfaces for EtherCAT, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, and SSI ensure seamless communication right through to the controller. ENA58IL series magnetic rotary encoders are suitable for a very wide range of applications. Get to know the new benchmark for industry standard rotary encoders!

Highlights of the ENA58IL series magnetic rotary encoders

  • First magnetic encoder with hall-effect technology for high-performance processes
  • High resolution and absolute accuracy of <0.1° for extremely precise applications
  • Uniquely compact design compatible with all common interfaces for process flexibility
  • Wear-free technology for high reliability