Perfecting precision.
Capitalizing on flexibility.
Increasing service life.

ENA58IL Magnetic Rotary Encoder

Magnetic Precision. Under any Condition.

Magnetic encoder technology by Pepperl+Fuchs. Perfecting precision, capitalizing on flexibility and increasing service life – the new ENA58IL series magnetic encoder meet these criteria. The powerful encoders operate on a highly effective magnetic detection principle, combining a Hall and a Wiegand sensor for the first time. The noncontact technology is characterized by its unique precision and hardiness – even in the most difficult industrial environments. Achieve a new level of reliability and performance in your plant!

The perfect supplement
Perfectly coordinated connection and mounting technology ensures optimum integration of a rotary encoder. For the ENA58IL series magnetic absolute rotary encoders, a portfolio of suitable connectivity products is now available.

Rotary Encoder Features

Precise measurement results
Noncontact technology
Versatile applications

360° - Explore the ENA58IL Rotary Encoder

The 42H series magnetic encoder ensures accurate positioning of a crane boom
The extremely rugged heavy-duty magnetic encoder series ENA42HD ensures accurate positioning of a crane boom even under the effect of high shock and vibration. The noncontact magnetic technology achieves absolute reliability and a long service life.
The ENA36IL series magnetic encoder reliably detects the position of a robot arm
Due to their highly compact housing design, the ENA36IL series encoders are ideally suited for tight mounting spaces in robots. Here, they reliably detect the position and speed of the robot arm and ensure a smooth process flow.

Ensure Reliable Processes

The ENA58IL series magnetic encoder provides position data in a bottling application
In modern filling plants, up to 90,000 bottles per hour are filled with juice, beer, or soda. The ENA58IL series magnetic encoder, with its accuracy of 0.1°, provides exact position data for the precise positioning of the bottles.
The ENA58IL series magnetic encoder provides precise speed control for a printing press
Newspapers move at a speed of around 50 meters per second through offset presses. The movement of the press rollers has to be exactly matched in order to avoid tearing or creasing the paper. The ENA58IL series magnetic encoder provides precise control of the roller speed.

Rotary encoders are suitable for measuring the rotation, angular speed, or position of moving parts in a wide range of areas. In comparison to other magnetic encoders the new magnetic encoder family offers unique robustness and precision.

Versatile Applications

The new generation of magnetic rotary encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs is especially designed for harsh industrial environments. Its precise and robust technology combined with a compact housing design allows the use in most challenging applications. Even high mechanical loads experiencing vibration, dirt and extreme temperatures do not affect the powerful magnetic encoders. This provides the user with reliable manufacturing processes for a wide range of applications.

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