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The HiC2441 is a powerful universal barrier that independently detects I/O requirements and self-adjusts to the needed signal type (digital input, digital output, analog input, analog output)—enabling a new freedom from device dependency in your process or safety I/Os and control cabinets.

A Single Multi-Functional I/O Module Replacing Several Traditional Modules

As the only isolated barrier replacing several traditional I/O modules, the HiC2441 greatly simplifies the engineering and configuration of process control infrastructure. Marshalling cabinets are no longer necessary. Parameterization changes that previously took days can now be handled within minutes. The changes are simply proceeded at the software level via the universal input card of the distributed control system (DCS). This way, even ad-hoc changes to your process automation project requirements are successful. Additionally, the space occupied by spare components is noticeably reduced, as this single module can be stored universally, independent of signal type.

Whether you are working with a fixed project deadline or last minute changes in system requirements—the HiC2441 universal barrier is a quick and trouble-free solution for all kinds of installation, commissioning, and maintenance challenges.

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