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Intrinsically safe with the High-Power Trunk concept

The High-Power Trunk concept enables maximum cable distance and device count per segment while at the same time offering intrinsically safe instrument connections according to FISCO or Entity. It decisively reduces effort for validation of intrinsic safety. The FieldConnex® FieldBarrier was the first fieldbus coupler with galvanic isolation between the intrinsically safe outputs and the trunk.

The main line or home-run cable (trunk) provides ample power to the segment. Each output of the FieldBarrier limits the energy (intrinsically safe) and is designed to power one field instrument. The instrument can be installed in Zone 0/Div. 1. The FieldBarrier itself is typically installed in Zone 1/Div. 2.

This combination of ignition protection methods enables maximum design freedom for the fieldbus infrastructure:  long cable runs and high device counts are possible at the same time. This comes with maximum safety, as hot work is permitted at the device level. See the download link at the end of the page.

Best availability through integrated diagnostics

The FieldBarrier selectable with 8, 10, or 12 outputs
The FieldBarrier selectable with 8, 10, or 12 outputs

The FieldBarrier with 8, 10, or 12 outputs offers several diagnostics and protection functions. It protects fieldbus operations in multiple ways and reduces risks to a minimum.

Protection of fieldbus communication from:

  • Contact bounce from vibrations and live work on devices
  • Jabber: a communication fault caused by a device fault

The FieldBarrier:

  • Supports operation of the enclosure leakage sensor and the surge protector with self-diagnostics
  • Monitors critical internal components
  • Holds critical components in redundant configuration

Advanced physical layer diagnostics at each spur provide optimum monitoring of fieldbus communication. A change in the installation is easily detected, e.g., through a change in noise. Installation teams can fix the issue before availability is at risk.

The FieldBarrier transmits status via LEDs at the FieldBarrier locally or via the Advanced Diagnostic Module in the control room. This enables proactive plant upkeep.

Sophisticated in every detail: Trunk installation with very few connectors
Sophisticated in every detail: Trunk installation with very few connectors

Another highlight is the compact design: All cables connect directly at the FieldBarrier, resulting in the lowest number of Ex e connections.  This means less maintenance and reduced cost with more availability.

The many attributes of the FieldBarrier serve only one objective: Reaching 100% availability. The technical white papers written by Pepperl+Fuchs' experts provide the technical background and sample case studies on cost savings.

For small segments

FieldBarrier with four connections in very small aluminum housing
FieldBarrier with four connections in very small aluminum housing
The version with 4 outputs is applied in distributed or small installations. Aside from intrinsic safety (Ex ia for Zone 0, Div. 1) at the output, it also provides short-circuit protection. It protects operations from hard short-circuits at the output of the FieldBarrier or the connected instrument.

Installation-ready, pre-wired solutions

Installed, checked, plug and play – Our pre-engineered solutions for FieldConnex® offer installation convenience as they are already integrated in the junction box. Complete fieldbus junction boxes are delivered ready for connection. They are easy to handle and include certification as complete unit: A single certificate for ignition protection is provided for the box including all components.

Materials are selectable to fit the application: Stainless steel, fiberglass reinforced polyester and aluminum. Equipment and accessories are pre-installed and tailored to fit any need.

Explosion protection for Zone 0/ Div. 1

The FieldBarrier limits the energy at each spur for intrinsic safety. Field instrumentation can be installed in Zone 0/ Div. 1. The FieldBarrier itself is installed in Zone 1/ Div. 2, allowing maximum power on the trunk. In addition to short-circuit protection the FieldBarrier offers galvanic isolation. Live work on the instrument is permitted.

Learn more about the technical background

Further details and background information on intelligent fieldbus systems are provided in the White Papers for the individual components. These documents explain the underlying physics, fault scenarios, and cost/benefit calculations in greater detail.  

White paper entitled

Download White Paper "Advanced Diagnostic Fieldbus Surge Protection" 


White paper entitled "Advanced Failure Protection by Fieldbus Device Couplers"

Download White Paper "Advanced Failure Protection by Fieldbus Device Couplers"