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The SmartRunner Detector precisely monitors sensitive machine parts. Using the laser light section technology, even the smallest or most transparent interfering objects are reliably detected and reported.

The laser profile sensors are based on the unique SmartRunner technology. For the first time, this combines the proven laser light section technology with a 2-D vision sensor including LEDs and offers maximum performance in a compact sensor housing.

SmartRunner Detector: The Specialist for High-Precision Monitoring

Factory optimization for high-precision monitoring makes parameterization of the detector very simple. The user projects a laser line onto a fixed background and teaches it in. Additional parameters, such as the detection range, can be set as needed using Data Matrix control codes—all without the use of a PC. The laser profile sensor can also be quickly and easily aligned with natural objects such as a wall. This eliminates the additional effort of alignment as well as duplicate cabling.

The Detector reliably detects any deviation in the defined detection range—even objects that are difficult to detect due to a reflective surface. In these cases, the parallel evaluation of object and background laser line ensures reliable object detection. If only certain areas are to be monitored for application-related reasons, the SmartRunner Detector offers the option of freely defining so-called regions of interest (ROI). Objects that enter the detection area outside the ROI are detected but do not trigger a switching signal. The definition of minimum or maximum sizes of the objects to be detected also gives the user the option of avoiding false alarms caused by external influences.

Typical Applications

  • Area monitoring for the protection of sensitive machine parts
  • Inspection of overlapping components for quality control
  • Access monitoring

How It Works

This is how background monitoring and object detection works with the Detector:

“Good” Signal Scenario 1: No object interferes with the laser line. Machine operation continues as planned.

“Bad” Signal Scenario 1: The Detector recognizes an object that interferes with the laser line. A switching signal causes machine operation to stop.

“Bad” Signal Scenario 2: A hard-to-detect object with a reflective surface interferes with the laser line. Since the detector evaluates both the laser line on the object and on the background, the broken background line indicates an interfering object in the detection range. The sensor responds to this immediately and therefore also detects objects that are difficult to detect. The parallel evaluation of the laser line guarantees the user absolutely reliable processes.


  • Simple parameterization via Data Matrix control codes or parameterization software
  • Background teach-in possible via sensor buttons or interface
  • Object sizes and regions of interest (ROI) can be customized

Application Examples

Discover the SmartRunner laser profile sensors equipped with a unique combination of light section technology and a 2-D vision sensor with integrated LEDs …