Metal Forming Solutions to Protect Dies, Increase Uptime, and Track Assets

Modernize Your Processes with Sensor, IIoT, and RFID Solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs.

Sensor Solutions for Modern Metal Forming

The inductive, photoelectric, and ultrasonic sensors, as well as the RFID systems, rotary encoders, and IIoT products from Pepperl+Fuchs are the perfect solution for modernizing your metal forming processes.

Applying our products to an in-die sensing program helps prevent die crashes by detecting faults before the die closes. Overall productivity is increased as the sensors eliminate time lost due to maintenance and sorting of bad parts.

Discover our sensor solutions for metal forming and find the ideal product for your individual application!


Prevent die crashes by detecting faults before the die closes
Eliminate productivity losses due to maintenance and bad-part sorting
Verify workpieces, holding tools, stripper plates, pilot holes, and more
Plan for the future with the help of an industry-leading IIoT expert

Die Protection

piledriver on sheet metal stamping tool die

The repair costs from even a minor die crash can run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Add in the associated lost productivity, and it is clear why preventing die crashes is a high priority. Pepperl+Fuchs offers various industrial sensors that are ideally suited to protecting dies.

Coil Feed Control

Coiled sheet metal is automatically unrolled and fed into a stamping press for forming. To ensure a consistent quality of the end product, the feed rate, sheet alignment, and material advancement must be precisely controlled. Pepperl+Fuchs offers various products that ensure smooth and efficient coil feed processes.

Ultrasonic and laser-based sensors use acoustic and optical elements to optimize metal coil feed control, providing continuous, high-resolution feedback of spool volume. Thru-beam photoelectric sensors confirm the presence and alignment of sheet metal, while incremental rotary encoders provide measurement pulses to the control system that determine cut length.

Roller forming machine
Sheet metal stamping tool die

Asset Tracking with RFID

RFID systems perform a variety of important tasks throughout the pressroom. At every stage of the stamping process, from ensuring that the right die is pulled for a job, to error-proofing during installation, to tracking the productivity of each production shift, they ensure that forming processes run at maximum efficiency.

Pepperl+Fuchs' complete portfolio of RFID tags, read and write heads, and control interfaces automates error-proofing and asset tracking in metal forming processes. Armed with the power of die identification, it is easy to track actual machine operating hours and prevent tools from exceeding their scheduled maintenance date.

Comtrol group picture

Transition to IIoT

If your company wants to stay ahead of the IIoT implementation curve, it begins with sensors. Pepperl+Fuchs’ complete line of industrial Ethernet products, including switches, IO-Link gateways and masters, enables seamless data flow from sensors in the pressroom directly to the cloud. Capturing production data in real time and feeding it to your MES/ERP software provides instant access to analytics and status updates on your PC, phone, or tablet.

Pepperl+Fuchs can help you move beyond IIoT discussions and on to IIoT implementation!

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Unlike traditional plastic-face sensors, Pile Driver models utilize a stainless steel sensing face, making them dramatically less susceptible to abrasion and impact damage in stamping and welding environments.

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