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Monitoring the Control Cabinet

Cabinet Monitoring including the Advanced Diagnostic Gateway
Cabinet Monitoring including the Advanced Diagnostic Gateway

Monitoring and controlling conditions inside the cabinet can become crucial particularly in demanding environments:

  • Temperature heat or cold
  • Humidity
  • Condition of the fan
  • Status outputs of bulk power supplies or other equipment
  • Unauthorized access

The FieldConnex® Advanced Diagnostic Gateway comes with discrete and analog inputs and two power relays to monitor and control all of the above conditions and more if required. 

Everything is easily integrated into the DCS as fully functional FF device. The gateway comes with an easy-to-configure function block with many routine tasks such as fan and climate control pre-configured and selectable with a few mouse clicks.

Where fieldbus control room cabinets typically lack this type of infrastructure, the diagnostic gateway closes this gap. And it comes integrated with FieldConnex® Advanced Diagnostics. Engineering just requires purchase of components and I/O.  Setup is the same as any other FF instrument – well known to personnel involved in bringing a process automation system online.