Increasing range.
Ensuring stability.
Maximizing uptime.

Optical Data Couplers LS682 and LS684


Stability over long distances

Stability over long distances

The optical data couplers allow stable data transmission over a distance of up to 300 m. The large operating range enables the usage even in big warehouses. Depend on the highest reliability – even over long distances!
Optimum use of existing space

Optimum use of existing space

When mounting the optical data coupler, no minimum distance has to be considered since both, LS682 and LS684, ensure reliable data transmission beginning at distance 0. Make optimal use of your existing space!
Easy and fast commissioning

Easy and fast commissioning

With our optical data couplers, the reception level of both devices is displayed on one device. Thus, only one person is needed to quickly align a pair of data couplers. Save time and money during commissioning!
Maximum Availability

Maximum availability

Regardless of other communication networks, the LS682 and LS684 optical data couplers ensure a constant data rate of 100 MBit/s. This stable connection prevents costly downtime. Experience maximum availability!

Reliable Processes with LS682 and LS684

The main application field of the LS682 and LS684 optical data couplers is Ethernet-based communication with rack feeders in high-rack warehouses. This video shows how the optical data coupler LS682 is used in Pepperl+Fuchs' European Distribution Center and demonstrates in a few steps the easy alignment and commissioning of the device.

Fast Ethernet Opens Up New Applications

With the LS682 and LS684 optical data couplers, devices can be connected in industrial Ethernet networks such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP. Telegrams are not stored. This means you can achieve instant data transfer of 100 MBit/s full duplex. The high transfer rate opens up a host of new application areas: e.g., the use of IP-based cameras for monitoring, maintenance and inspection purposes.

Fast Ethernet Opens Up New Applications

Robust Data Transfer

The new LS684 complements the LS682 by offering a robust optical data transfer with real-time properties for fieldbuses such as PROFINET IRT and EtherCAT. Equipped with automatic runtime compensation, the LS684 allows constant cycle time for synchronous, jitter-free switching and control operations for both sides of the transmission path – at any distance and any driving dynamics.

Optical data coupler LS684 and LS682

In addition, the optical data coupler always monitors the connection across all segments of the data transfer path. If a fault occurs, the fieldbus' redundancy mechanisms can clearly localize and immediately bridge them.



The Solution for High-Bay Warehouses

LS682 in High-Bay Warehouses


The LS682 optical data coupler is used in high-bay warehouses to transmit process data quickly and completely wear-free. Mounted directly on a stacker crane, the optical data coupler ensures stable data transmission over a distance of up to 300 m at a constant rate of 100 Mbit/s. In this way, the LS682 helps to prevent machine downtime and increase efficiency.

Reliable Transmission of Video Streams

Cameras are frequently used on stacker cranes to initiate shutdown measures in the event of malfunctions. Especially at great heights, the camera image is a great help in assessing the situation. With their protocol-free transfer and high data transmission rate, the LS682 optical data couplers are ideally suited for transferring the video information—providing the basis for remote troubleshooting.

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