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RFID Manages Access Control

Using a unique, read-only code, RFID access control is secure and easy

Tough yet compact RFID read head with sufficient read range simplifies the installation of an access control system
Tough yet compact RFID read head with sufficient read range simplifies the installation of an access control system

In manufacturing facilities, secure laboratories, company entrances, and public buildings, access rights must be controlled. This is accomplished using RFID technology.

Suitable RFID tags in an appropriate housing style with the necessary RFID readers must be available. The entire access control system must be managed from a PC-based central control system, and, depending on the total size of the access system, centralized or decentralized control should also be possible. The control software is developed and implemented by a system integrator.

Customer advantage
RFID systems
are a reliable and maintenance-free option to control access rights. Authorized personnel gain access to an area by passing an RFID tag over a reader. Location-specific access rights can be granted and modified when necessary, and lost tags can be blocked.

RFID card and reader manage access rights

What is being done

In many cases, credit-card style magnetic swipe cards are used to control area access. This shape is considered advantageous, as company information or marketing slogans are easily printed on the cards. They are also available with embedded RFID tags, adding the distinct advantage of being non-contact and non-erasable. An RFID card can be printed with the picture of its rightful owner and used as an ID. Even elevator access rights, and, with proper mounting, entry permissions to hazardous areas like fuel storage facilities can be controlled.

Area access is controlled and logged. Who, when, and how long a person has been in a certain area is automatically logged. This information can be critically important in emergency situations.

Benefits at a glance

  • Durable solution
  • Flexible access rights
  • Secure and easy control of access-protected areas

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