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A Book of Beautiful Moments – Code Reader for Optical Identification Used to Create Photo Books

Accurate assignment from a code reader

Code reader OPC120/ODV120
Code reader OPC120/ODV120

After a special occasion, such as a vacation or a wedding, many people like to compile their photographs into a custom photo book. Various photo book publishers offer a large number of design options on their websites. To ensure that each customer gets the right book containing the corresponding photos and personalized text, the code reader provides an accurate assignment.


In order to deliver the custom photo books to the right customer, the individual components of the book are printed with codes. These are scanned during the production process and the appropriate production step is carried out. The covers of the photo albums are also provided with a code. Depending on the publisher, this code can be a variety of 1D or 2D symbologies of different sizes.

The code reader reads the codes on the photo books as they move by on a conveyor belt

Because the photo albums are made to order, size and thickness vary considerably. As a result, large and small books travel along the same conveyer belt, with their codes in different positions. These books may be moving very quickly.  In addition, some of the photo books have a matte finish, while others are glossy.

The code readers OPC120 and ODV120 can handle all these requirements. They are capable of reading the variety of codes within a large read area in different finishes and at high speed.

Due to the smooth production process, each customer receives a custom photo book containing their fondest memories.

Advantages of the OPC120/ODV120

Multiple functions in one package

  • Large reading window can read a variety of code sizes
  • Wide depth of focus captures codes from books of varying thicknesses with one setting
  • Reliable reading at high speeds
  • Easy integration in the machinery via Ethernet or RS232
  • Automatic error image memory for analysis of the production process
  • Monitoring of code quality to safeguard the production process
  • Match code: Direct comparison of code content within the sensor
  • Multiwindow: Up to four windows can scan different codes at the same time

Additional features of the OPC120

  • Logo recognition
  • Presence detection

Additional features of the ODV120

  • Ability to read standard OCR-A and OCR-B font types
  • Burst mode: As the device captures images at high speed, it is possible to extend the reading window in the direction of movement, ensuring that codes can be read reliably even if the position varies greatly